Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011 Schedule Release, Redskins News and Notes, IIWII Updates.....

Just a quick FYI. 2011 schedule will be released/announced/shown on NFL Total Access tonight at 7PM EST. Of course, keep checking Redskins.com and NFL.com through the day. I guarantee you'll know it long before then.

What's on Tap for the rest of the week/draft week at IIWII?
I will have the rest of the Questions the Skins Need to Answer through the week. I'm hoping that Friday or Saturday I will release my third Meaningless Mock Draft. Around this time or Sunday I will release the IIWII Consensus Draft Pick for the Skins at #10. I'm cheating a bit this year. There will be two possible players mentioned. One pick is coming from my head, the other the gut. Should have a few "flashback" entries and some commentary on some past drafts. Wednesday/Thursday I will have the final Meaningless Mock and that will be that. I'm going to enter my Mock over at Walter Football to see how well it does (and possibly win some $$$). Wish me luck.

I'm probably going to skip the draft day party at FedEx this year. Catch me on Twitter for day 3 commentary. Should have a final commentary/post on the draft on Sunday or Monday. Then I'm taking a break for a few weeks barring a new CBA and the start of FA.

Redskins News and Notes
There's been a debate circulating on the 'net about the Skins trading up or trading back in the draft. Major sports guys have posted these stories and it's hard to tell fact from fiction. Same thing is going on with stories of the Skins chasing Locker, Dalton, Ponder, Newton, Gabbert and........Ryan Mallet. Yep, Michael Lombardi on Path to the Draft said that his source indicated that the Skins may take Mallett at #10 (or that it wasn't out of the realm of possibility).
So are you confused? You should be and really isn't that the plan all along? You see, unlike other teams that may be able to stay silent and very carefully leak information, the Skins are always a hot topic of conversation during free agency and the draft. Blame or praise Dan Snyder and his tenure as the Redskins owner for that I suppose, but like the header at IIWII says "it is what it is". Unlike the Vinny days, MIke Shanahan is using this to his advantage. Spreading rumors and throwing everybody curveballs. Maybe he's revealed his true interests already.  Maybe he really wants a OLB at #10. Maybe they haven't even talked about the player or position they are targeting (DE, WR, RB?) Maybe one tidbit of info. is true. Thing is, you can't tell since so much garbage is being thrown out there. I hate it as a blogger and draftnik trying to predict the Redskins but love it as a fan. This is great. Keep it coming Redskins.

One thing is for sure, in only a few days we'll know the answer.....

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