Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The 2011 Schedule Released.......Oh, It's Just the Preseason Schedule

Yesterday, the preseason schedule was released to the groans of many and a few melancholy "yays" (kind of like the one in the opening of Mr. Sunshine). Normally, this starts some mild excitement as we get closer to the draft and the regular season schedule. However, with a lockout still in progress and no free agency many fans have just shrugged their shoulders  and have collectively sighed "meh".

On the Skins front, they will be hosting the Steelers and Buccaneers and traveling to face the Colts and Ravens. The Skins will be playing the Ravens in primetime on August 25th (oh boy, maybe John Harbaugh can dial up some more fake punts and the team can dump gatorade on somebody who used to play or coach for the Skins. That's how Joe Flacco gets better in the playoffs and how the Ravens can finally figure out how to be the Steelers in the post-season). More on that can be read over at

Finally, a quick prediction. The 2011 schedule will probably be released either next Tuesday or Wednesday or the Tuesday before the draft. I'm leaning Tuesday before the draft most likely.

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