Sunday, April 17, 2011

(FNV): Melancholy Draft and the Infinte Lockout

This time last year, I was churning out posts like it was nothing. Who would the Redskins take? Why I thought the pick had to be a LT and why I thought it would be a disastrous move to take a QB like Jimmy Clausen at #4. I was also opposed to spending the entire allotment of draft picks on Sam Bradford.  While Bradford looks like he'll be a true franchise QB with the Rams, I think the kid would have been beaten into goo with the Skins. Especially without a LT to block for him (imagine that the Skins had drafted Bradford with Heyer, Dockery, Rabach, Hicks and Brown/Capers as the O-line) picture all of the McNabb sacks and  add a dozen more as teams would have attacked the rookie without mercy. Last year I felt like I had much more to write about than this year.

(IIWII, your daily ray of sunshine on the current lockout and whatever else is going on in the NFL)

Maybe, it's because of the lockout. Normally, as Redskin fans we're getting hyped up after the Skins make a move and sign a free agent or two. It ends the guessing game at some spots and let the Skin draftniks focus on the needs of the draft. I'm also annoyed by the lockout in general. Both sides have had two plus years to resolve the issue. Instead of getting together and getting the job done, they've made comments to the media and twitter and avoided each other like the plague. (Ed Note: Speaking of the plague, I been sick pretty frequently the past two months. Currently getting over something now, so all I've wanted to do when I'm not working is sleep. So, it's been hard to get articles written.) You'd think I would be really excited for the draft and in a way I am. It's a bit of a holiday for me, I use up some vacation time have friends and family over for round 1 and follow each pick to figure where the next major move will be made and how this fits into a team's strategy. This year however, it's been pretty disappointing. While this draft is deep in depth and solid players, it seems to be lacking in much "elite" prospects, especially where the Skins pick at #10.

        (Sensing a theme here with the Smashing Pumpkins song?)

I'm sorry but I really don't want to see the Skins draft Julio Jones at #10 (if he's there). He's listed on many mock drafts as the Skins choice. No offense to Mr. Jones, because I think he could be a great player, but every time I see his name on a mock, I see the names Desmond Howard, Michael Westbrook, Rod Gardner, and Devin Thomas flash in front of me. Neither the Skins or Mike Shanahan have great track records when it comes to drafting WRs, especially in the early rounds (remember Brandon Marshall was a 4th round selection). Players that the Redskins could use might be there like OLB/DE Robert Quinn or DE Cameron Jordan or even OT Tryon Smith (but isn't drafting a RT at #10 high?) but they almost feel like secondary needs in most cases. The Skins need a QB to run the offense. They need a NT to anchor their 3-4. Sadly, neither positions are really there at #10 (unless the Skins feel like it's worth a reach).

If anything, we've got to hope that somebody wants to trade down and trade with the Skins. Like I've said earlier, this is a deep draft. Just not many of them are considered of elite prospects. So, we have a draft with a great deal of starting caliber talent and quality depth. Of course the Skins lack 3rd and 4th round picks that could be used to scoop up those possible starters. If there is a team willing to move up, at this point I say do it. Honestly, the Skins may want to attempt trade backs in both the 1st and 2nd rounds to acquire talent to fit their schemes. If the Skins can't find a partner, I'll be expecting to read/hear many Skins fans disappointment on the Sunday/Monday after the draft. There probably won't be a consensus in the fan base that we got the right guy.

Maybe I'm wrong, but his could be the beginning of a very long 2011 season.........

Anyway, I won't end this post on a down note. Here's a You Tube clip of one of the funnier episodes of The Simpson's after season 10. Love the "Angry Dad" internet cartoon that Bart made during the episode.

* None of the You Tube videos were made by me.

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