Thursday, April 28, 2011

IIWII Consensus Pick at #10 (2011 ed.)

Every year I have a favorite draft candidate that I'd like to see the Redskins draft as their top pick. This started around 2004 when I actually found the draft interesting and had time to actually give NFL Football the fanatical obsession that I give it now (before then school got in the way).

Anyway here are my picks from past years:
2004- Sean Taylor
2005- Antrel Rolle or Carlos Rogers
2006- (2nd rounder) D'Qwell Jackson
2007- Amobi Okoye
2008- Branden Albert
2009- Michael Oher
2010- Russell Okung

Looking back at 2010, I still like Okung. I'm very happy with Trent Williams and I think that he'll have a long and successful career in DC.

Let's get to the 2011 pick.
I'm cheating a bit here because I'm listing two players this year. One is if the Skins stay at #10. The other if the Skins can move back and acquire more picks. If they get more picks, then maybe you can draft a player that may not be a starter on day 1. Time to write about the day 1 starting pick.

If the Skins pick at #10, then need a player who can start from day 1. A player who can make an immediate impact on the team and won't have to learn a new position or adapt to the pro-game. The Skins are desperate from D-line help. They couldn't stop the run or pressure the passer. If the Skins draft this player, they will get both issues addressed.

So the IIWII 2011 Consensus Pick:

Jordan dominated almost every top senior tackle and guard prospect during the Senior Bowl. He's a 2nd generation player (his dad Steve was a TE for 13 seasons and made 6 Pro Bowls) so he knows what it takes to make it in the NFL. His sole weaknesses is that he doesn't have a great burst and isn't an elite edge rusher. Well, in a 3-4 he doesn't have to be an elite edge rusher. Also, Jordan is versatile. Since the Skins run a 3-4 scheme that hybrids to a 4-3 in some passing situations, Jordan can be moved inside as a DT or kept on the edge.

 He should be a great addition to the roster and fill a big void if the Skins are able to take him.

Now let's say the Skins trade back with New England for example......Cameron Jordan probably won't be there. The Skins should have picked up at least 1-2 extra picks. So maybe, Mike Shanahan can focus on a QB to develop. If this happens, I would really like them to take:

What I like about Locker. He's tough. He's mobile. He's a leader. Has a pretty strong arm. He is 70% accurate when throwing outside of the pocket. Remember that number. No matter where he goes, I have a feeling that teams will bootleg him to death because that (right now) is what he does best. Hmmmm.....what team likes to use bootlegs, especially in play action situations?

People will point to his accuracy being a significant problem. It is in many schemes. That said, Locker knows he has problems with his mechanics and is trying to fix the problems. What a better team to go to than the Redskins with young coaches like Kyle Shanahan and Matt LeFleur (QB coach) to develop a young prospect.

His numbers looked lousy, but Locker really led the Huskies to a win over Nebraska in the bowl game this year. He willed his team to keep pushing. I think he would be an excellent choice for the Skins.

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