Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just A Quick Thought......Moving Back in the Draft

(Could the Redskins try to trade back to get NT Phil Taylor?)
Just a quick thought as I continue to trudge out the Meaningless Mock Draft 2.0........

Many believe (myself included) that if the Redskins can find a trade partner, they will attempt to trade out of the #10 spot in hopes to a) acquire more picks in order to get younger and fill needs for starters and depth on the roster and b) to get value on a player that they really like to fill the team's biggest need. Many think that the goal of trading back would to get QB, Jake Locker. While the rumors have been swirling for months of the Redskins interest in Locker going back to 2010,  I wonder if that's really the target. Maybe the Skins are looking a a few players including the top NT prospect Baylor's Phil Taylor. Most mock drafts have him projected as going to the Chiefs at #21 and it's clear that Taylor will not be getting out of the 1st round (looks like the Jets and Steelers may also have interest in Taylor). Would Taylor be worth the pick at say #14? What about #16 or #17?

Maybe the Skins are looking at a 3-4 DE. J.J. Watt might still be around past #10. Same can be said about Cal's Cameron Jordan. It could be a quarterback as well. Some have Christian Ponder higher than Jake Locker or Ryan Mallett (not me, but some out there do). The point of this is that Mike Shanahan usually it pretty tight lipped on his draft strategy, so if the Skins are projecting to trade to get Locker take it with a grain of salt.

We'll know in less than four weeks.

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