Thursday, April 28, 2011

Questions the Skins Need to Answer Heading Into the Draft (OLB)

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Can Rob Jackson and Chris Wilson fill the need at OLB?

It's clear the Redskins need help in the front seven to generate pressure on the QB and to stop the run. Outside of Brian Orakpo, nobody had more than 2.5 sacks on the roster in 2010. Orkapo finished with 8.5 but one has to wonder if he wasn't getting double teamed and held so much would he had gotten double digit sacks? Andre Carter was released because he doesn't fit the 3-4 and current starter Lorenzo Alexander played decent in coverage and run protection. That said, Alexander lacks the speed and explosion as a OLB to be a dominating force opposite of Orakpo.

The Redskins do have some players on the roster that may be able to compete for the starting job in Chris Wilson and Rob Jackson. It's hard to tell as neither have done much based on their stats. That said, Jackson filled in for an injured Orakpo and looked downright scary against the Jaguars in week 16. Wilson looks like he could excel as a pass rusher in the 3-4. The only thing I would be concerned is his coverage skills.

Remember, the Skins 3-4 is based off of the Steelers 3-4. Granted, it's a hybrid of their scheme and it's modified and varies compared to that of Dick Lebeau's scheme. It still follows similar principles. The Steelers didn't have to find 1st round talent to have strong 3-4 OLBs.

I still think the Skins will look to the draft (and possibly very high in said draft) to find their next starting OLB but they may look at some of the talent currently on the roster to fill the spot or at least to have solid depth.

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