Friday, April 29, 2011

Redskins Trade Back......Draft Ryan Kerrigan

Give credit to Mike Shanahan in that he's still the master of leaving everybody in the dark about what the Skins intended to do with the #10 pick. Surprisingly, Shanahan did exactly what he said he was hoping the Redskins could do early: try to trade back and address the team's biggest need (improving the pass rush).

With that. welcome to the Redskins Ryan Kerrigan

Here's some breakdown and analysis of the Skins new OLB.
Todd McShay (ESPN/Scouts Inc.)

Scott Wright (NFL Draft Countdown) (CBS)
Walter Football


My Thoughts:
First before I even get to Kerrigan I want to say how I love what the Skins did in the trade. They could have taken Gabbert, but apparently the Skins weren't as high on Gabbert as media reports claimed to state (remember this time yesterday there were still reports of the Skins trading up to #2 to take Gabbert). Then the Skins swing a deal with Jacksonville for the #16 and #49 picks. The Skins swipe a 2nd rounder to move back 6 spots (Remember, back in my Crunching Numbers article I had the Skins getting a 3rd and 4th rounder to move back to #16. With the Skins getting #49 they now have the flexibility to move up, move down and get more picks or draft two mid- 2nd round players---potential starters in those spots).

As to Kerrigan, I never really even thought of the chance of him playing for the Skins. Reasons are simple: I thought the Skins would have already picked by then or would be picking after Jacksonville. I pretty much had Kerrigan going to Jacksonville for months now. I really, really like Kerrigan. He's a smart kid. Sounds like a humble guy. Looks like he can be a really good compliment to Orakpo and teams will have to game plan for him. Also looks like he can do contain well and be a good run stopping OLB. A very high motor, no character flaws. Kind of reminds me of the old school, blue collar Skins of the past which is can/be a great sign for where this team is going with talent.

Of course, no player is perfect and I do have a few minor concerns on Kerrigan. He's never been a 3-4 OLB, so there's a transition phase as he adapts to the position. So, like with many rookies I expect some struggling initially. Worst case scenario is that he'll be like Andre Carter. A really good guy but just a 4-3 DE. The good news is that Kerrigan is converting as a rookie, so I'm thinking he'll has some struggles just like Orakpo has had but should be fine in the scheme.

I never had Kerrigan on the Skins radar (well, at least not since December when he popped up at #10 on a few mock drafts) but I think the Skins grabbed themselves a really good player. I'll leave this on Kerrigan, Bill Parcells rated Kerrigan as one of the players who will be a real talent coming out of this draft. Parcells has been a long hated rival of the Skins, but I respect the hell out of the man. If Parcells thinks the guy will be great, he likely will (Note: one time being wrong was his evaluation of Chris Cooley, he didn't think Cooley would make it in the NFL).

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