Monday, May 9, 2011

Taking a Couple of Days Off.....

With nothing going on in the NFL and just some rumors floating about about possible players the Redskins may target if/when we see free agency, I figured I would take a few days off. For example, I spent most of my weekend (when I wasn't working the real job) doing yard work and cleaning up the leaves deposited from last fall and winter.

This week will probably remain limited in the content. Busy with work, the yard and irritated with the lockout has made me more apathetic towards writing about football. That said, I still have some more thoughts on John Beck, the draft and the Redskins coming soon.

Don't even get me started with the Redskins ticket office......not very happy with them at the moment. This stems from an offer the Skins put out to their season ticket holders and giving complimentary tickets to upcoming events at FedEx based on paying in full prior to a given deadline. If you would like to read more about that topic leave me some comments that you want to read about it and I'll write the story.

One last thing, there will be some changes to the blog coming. I've thought about making some changes for awhile and I think that now's the time to head that direction. Shouldn't affect the content that much (hopefully, you like what we've been doing here at IIWII if not sorry....) but it should make the blog even more Redskins centered and possibly even more accessible to the fans of the Redskins.

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