Friday, June 3, 2011

More Fun With Vinny

More Comments From the Skins Favorite GM
(Did you miss me? Heh, Heh, Heh Heh*)
The only thing I miss with Vinny Cerrato when he was the officially unofficial GM of the team was the many, many quotable comments he would make on a weekly basis. For awhile, I even had a "Notable Vinny Quote(s) of the week" section when I did a Redskins News & Notes column. So while I'm catching up on some of last weeks podcasts (the only way I can hear the Skins @ 1 on ESPN 980's The Sports Fix), I got to hear a great tidbit from Kevin Sheehan about our former GM.

Remember a few years ago that there was a rumor that the Redskins wanted to trade 2 1st round picks to Cincinnati for Chad OchoCinco? For a long time, I really didn't believe that this could possibly be true. The Redskins couldn't have been that foolish, could they? Well, Vinny confirmed the rumor was true:

 (Vinny): I was part of trying to trade for Chad OchoCinco and when they said no they meant no. And  y'know, Marvin [Lewis] would have done it.
(Other Radio Guy): You were offering two number 1's, correct?
(Vinny): Two number 1's that's exactly what it was.
Thank God Mike Brown and the Bengals are so stubborn that they told the Redskins to basically get bent and that hell would freeze over before he'd trade OchoCinco just because Chad wanted to be traded. If that trade had happened, the Skins would have never drafted Brian Orakpo and Fred Davis.

 The second thing that I noticed is that Vinny still can't pronounce Orakpo's name correctly. It's O-Rak-Po, just like the spelling. Vinny still says O-Rop-Ko. Maybe he thinks it's like Favre (pronounced Farve). I don't know, you'd think he'd be able to pronounce a player that the Redskins coveted so much they took #13 overall in the 2009. Just remember these things the next time the Redskins lose or Bruce Allen/ Mike Shanahan does something you don't like, we could still have Vinny.

But Vinny is right about one worked out for the best that the Redskins did not make that trade. Imagine what a mess the Skins would have been if that trade or the trade for Jay Cutler had happened? We would've be lucky to have seen the Skins win 2 games over the last 2-3 seasons.

This ladies and gentlemen is what I'm left to write about during this horrible lockout, but it was good to confirm a long standing rumor/truth.

* The Classic Vinny laugh.
Interview from 105.7 The Fan (SHD's favorite Sportstalk station) via ESPN 980's The Sport's Fix.

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