Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick Update

"Where have you been?" I'm sure is one of the thoughts of the 10 or so people who on occasion reads IIWII. Well, I've been taking a break from the rigors of blogging while this lockout situation comes to a fruition and hopefully we'll see a new CBA in place sooner than later.

Lately, I've been following the Nationals to fill the void of no Redskins/football. I was able to catch the Nats play (and sadly lose) to the Padres a few weeks ago. I even caught a Delmarva Shorebirds game the other night to take a look at some of the Nationals prospects including Bryce Harper.

If you're curious to see some photos from this past Nats game and a game from last year (vs. Mets, Stephen Strasburg pitching) then check out IIWII's Flickr page (on the right of the page) for this and some pictures from various Redskins games/events. I'll be adding more as I can (I have a limited monthly amount of space with Flickr- it's free, so nothing to complain about).

Working on a few articles..... keep checking back this week.

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