Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rumor: Lockout's Fate Will Be Determined By July 1st

Chris Mortensen hasn't had much to do lately with this lockout, but Mort is reporting that both the NFL and the former NFLPA will meet for the next four days, starting today (I would assume they have concluded talks for the day). Mort was also on the Doug Gottlieb show and said more or less that both sides will have a strong idea if the new CBA is going to happen soon (ie. how close are both sides to a deal that both will be happy upon its signing)..

....or whether we're still in for a long wait by July 1st.

Good news is that things are going so well, that Goodell will be speaking at the former NFLPA rookie symposium.

Rumors that I've heard has the lockout ending as soon as June 30th (very doubtful) to July 4th, to July 15th. The 15th is the supposed "deadline" that both sides feel must have a CBA. This would give an expedited free agency, start training camps on time and have a regular season (including pre-season) slate of games.

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Bleaux Leaux said...

Actually, I could do with a reduced preseason schedule. One or two of those glorified scrimmages is enough for me.

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