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Season Tickets Update; Updates/Opinions on FedEx

(Where will you be when the season begins? Photo from
 If you're a season ticket holder, you may want to head over to and check your seat location for the 2011 season. Just go over to put your cursor on "Tickets". Select "Account Manager". Then, log into your account and select "Account Settings" and then click "view/pay invoices". This will take you to your current invoice for 2011 and will give you your seat locations for the season.

From what I've heard/read most of the upgrades/moves for current season ticket holders have been done. If you haven't been moved by now it may not happen this season. The good news is that many fans were upgraded and/or moved to better seats (many getting the opportunity to get tickets in the lower bowl). In fact, based on what I've been reading over at ExtremeSkins, it seems that a good deal of Redskin fans got moved. I've heard from some current and former (gave up tickets this year) season ticket holders that many passed on renewing their tickets this year for various reasons. How many is many? To be honest, I'm not sure (I'd be glad if somebody had an actual number. I did not contact the Redskins to confirm number). Through many conversations, it would not surprise me to hear that there were a higher percentage of non-renewals compared to previous years. Yes, we're in a bad economy and that's a clear factor. Also, the Redskins are in the process of rebuilding. That said, this is the first year in many where I feel the Redskins are actually moving the franchise in the right direction.

So, if you got the upgrade......congrats! Hopefully, you're on the ground floor to something that will be great in 1-2 years. Hey, we can hope right?

Party Deck Thoughts
(Photo by Matt Terl- Redskins Blog)
 Personally, this move doesn't affect me as a season ticket holder. I'm in the lower bowl so I'm not one of the fans that were relocated. Nor, will I have to deal with a party deck crowd in 2012 and beyond because of my similar locale. This was a topic I wasn't even going to mention because honestly it's an old topic. People on ExtremeSkins were discussing this since the draft day party (back in April). I also don't really care why the Redskins are coming up with party decks.What I hope is that the Redskins can come up with something that can a) provide an affordable option for some Redskin fans on game day b) find ways to bring in more Redskin fans to FedEx and c) make the stadium louder either by increased fan participation or by making the stadium carry and hold noise better. If it does that, great. Want to read more about the project? Click the link just below the photo. Matt Terl has all the scoop on what the Redskins are doing with FedEx.

Seats for Sale
Speaking of removed seats, the Skins are selling the removed seats in the upper deck for charity. If you're a fan of Redskins memorabilia and have $250 to spend, this might be for you. Just a tip. The last time the Skins sold part of FedEx, it was the old Jumbotron (aka The Lite Brite). It is very hard to get those pieces now without paying an arm and a leg, so if you really are interested you may want to buy it directly from the Redskins.

Want to read an evaluation of FedEx field from a Redskin fan/Season Ticket Holder who attended about 70% of last year's games? Well, stay tuned. I'll have a recap of my thoughts on the updated FedEx from 2010. Did the new Jumbotron wow me? Are the Redskins trying to make FedEx more fan friendly? Are we looking at the next RFK (well at least all of the good memories that Skin fans remember about RFK)? What bad things have stayed the same?
That should be up sometime soon.

Final Note: In full disclosure, I did get moved two sections closer to the 50 and about 9 rows down from my previous seats. Not only does this make me happy, but it should make you as a reader happy. Me closer to the field means better pictures for the blog. So everybody wins. See you in August in Section 106.

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