Thursday, July 28, 2011

Breaking: Haynesworth Traded!!!!

I'll be doing coverage of yesterday's moves but had to pass this one on. Haynesworth has been traded to the Patriots for a 5th rounder in 2013 (Per ESPN's Adam Schefter)

And just mere hours before training camp starts.......

Drama Over

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Morning Links, News and Rumors

- In "I didn't even know he was still on the team" news, the Redskins have told punter Josh Bidwell that he will be released. Bidwell started the 2010 season for the Skins before going on IR. After that Gano, Smith and Paulescu took over the punting duties. Football Insider (The Post)

- Bears to release punter Brad Maynard. This has been rumored and Maynard is on the radar as a possible target.

- Donovan McNabb trade almost done. McNabb must agree to new contract with the Vikings. If this happens, the Skins will receive Minnesota's 2012 6th round pick. Skins may also receive the Vikings 2013 6th round pick based on playing time in the 2011 season. DC Pro Sports Report via Jay Glazer.

- Skins sign former Giants DT, Barry Cofield to a reported 6 year undisclosed deal. Although the deal is supposed to contain approx. 12.5 million in guaranteed money. No indication by the Skins on whether Cofield will play DE or compete for the starting NT position. Deal can't be made official until Friday. The Post

- Various Tweets on Twitter are hinting that WR, Santonio Holmes (and potential Redskins target) has re-signed with the Jets.

- Rumored target G/T Marshall Yanda re-signs with Ravens. PFT

- Former Eagle kicker David Akers is a unrestricted free agent? Could he have a second stint in Washington?

- Rumor is that Skins are looking at former Trojan and Texan Matt Leinart as a possible signing. Of course, I'm hearing rumors that Leinart's former USC coach has interest in him up in Seattle.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Redskins News and Notes: 7/26/11

Moss Re-Signs with Skins
(Just doing what he does best- owning the Cowboys)
Not really breaking news at this point but what would be considered good news; Santana Moss has re-signed with the Redskins. According to ESPN it's a 3 year $15 million deal with $6 million guaranteed. While Moss has put up great numbers with the Skins, what has been most notable about him (and Chris Cooley) is that he has had some of his best games against the Cowboys including the memorable "Monday Night Miracle" game from 2005.

* Videos originally made by Torresa

Based on the new CBA, the deal can not be made official until 6PM EST on Friday the 29th. Moss then will be unable to practice with the team until August 4th when the 2011 league year officially begins.

'Skins Sign Four UDFA's so far
(Does East Carolina's Willie Smith have a future in DC?)

As I reported this morning the Skins have signed QB Ben Chapple and RB Shaun Draughn. Later in the day the Skins signed two more UDFAs in OT, Willie Smith, East Carolina and FB, Kevin Gidrey, South Florida. Of the four, I'm rather excited about Smith. He's a LT who could be a backup to Trent Williams or possibly move to RT or G. Willie Smith looks like he has the potential to challenge for a roster spot or possibly a spot on the practice squad. Smith also made NFL Draft Countdown's top 50 undrafted players list (#32). He was on Gil Brant's top 20 most sought UDFAs list (#8). Heck, I even noticed him during the NFLPA All Star Game, despite focusing most of my attention on Kenrick Ellis.

- Willie Smith, OL from East Carolina had a good game. In particular it seemed like he dominated DT/NT Jerrell Powe.

McNabb to Minnesota Maybe?
(Best of luck with your next team #5, sorry it didn't work here.)
Rumor has it that the Redskins and Vikings are in talks to send Donovan McNabb to Minnesota. Of course, PFT is reporting that the Redskins compensation hasn't been fully determined. Also, the deal hinges on McNabb's willingness to restructure his current contract with Washington/Minnesota. I'm sure the Skins will get a late-round conditional pick that may become a mid-round pick based on playing time and incentives. Oh well, Skins need to get that done and then find a buyer for Haynesworth...,,,,

Skins May Have Signed Two UDFAs Last Night

Last night NFL teams were allowed to sign UDFAs. The Redskins may have landed two in:
QB, Ben Chappel, Indiana
RB, Shaun Draughn, UNC

I say may b/c earlier in the night, we had reports of the Skins signing S Will Hill which were not correct.
UDFA signings can be found here.

Monday, July 25, 2011

News and Links to get you Ready.....

Teams are already moving quickly and before you know it  training camps will be starting.......

.....the season won't be far away after that.

Time for some links and some quick news to help you get through the week:

- Word is that the Ravens will be cutting RB Willis McGahee, TE Todd Heap, DT/NT Kelly Gregg and WR Derrick Mason. Cuts can't be official until Thursday. Would the Skins be interested in Gregg?

CBSSportsline has a breakdown of the NFL's calendar up to the season opener.
Key Dates: 
7/26: team facilities open (10AM EST), drafted and undrafted rookies can be signed, players can report to team facilities, UFAs and RFAs can negotiate with any team.
7/28: Training Camp opens for Redskins. 4:01 PM EST teams can waive (cut) players.
7/29: Players can be signed starting 6 PM EST but are unable to participate in physical activity until the offical league year begins (August 4th).
8/4: League year begins. Teams must be under salary cap.
8/30: Roster must be cut from 90 to 75
9/3: Roster must be cut from 75 to 53

NFLsFuture takes a look at each team's salary cap. The Skins are in a great position to spend. has a list of every free agent available starting Friday at 6PM EST.

Bucky Brooks warns teams to stay away from these free agents. has a nice breakdown and analysis of each position of free agents.

So does with a rankings and tracker for NFL free agents. has their list of the top 50 undrafted rookie prospects.

Gil Brandt of looks at the 20 most sought after undrafted rookies.

John Keim looks at the  upcoming offseason/preseason and how the CBA may affect training camp and the Redskins free agents. Keim also answers 5 questions about the Skins that need to be answered.

What The **** Redskins?! Matt Terl Out as Redskins Blogger

So, I'm doing my daily web read through and see this article on Kissing Suzy Kolber:

So, I'm a bit stunned.....I decide to click over to ExtremeSkins just to confirm the story and here it is directly from Mr. Terl himself:

I don't know what the Skins are doing to be honest. First, the Skins part ways with Larry Weisman. Now it's Terl. Frankly, Matt Terl had a hard job. Not that it wasn't a fun job to be sure, but it was hard because at times I got to think it was a bit mundane. Terl didn't do what guys like Schefter or Mort, LaCanfora, or PFT does. He wasn't with the Skins to have breaking news, make major speculations (ie. those great rumors we always see on the web) or break down game film.

Terl told stories. He tried to tell stories of players and what they did when they didn't have the pads on. For example, Terl's last story on the Redskins Blog dealt with Niles Paul's thoughts on the new Captain America movie. Terl tried to make the players three dimensional to fans. That's important especially in football when mostly all you see of a player is a number and a last name (with their face covered by a helmet). There is more to Lorenzo Alexander than being able to play multiple positions (he has his own foundation and does a great deal of charity work), there is much more than a player being able to throw a ball, catch a pass and make a tackle. It was Terl who helped show the fans that the Redskins, its players and staff were more than just a game.

Terl also covered some of the major changes that took place at FedEx from the Hall of Fame store, the landscaping, the Jumbotron and most recently the removal of upper deck seats. I found it interesting and I know many of the Skins fan did as well (plus, the pictures were great) even though it wasn't your typical X's and O's "football" story.

I met Matt Terl briefly once during the Redskins/Ravens game in 2008 only months or so before I started my attempt at blogging about the Redskins. It was bitter cold, wind was blowing all of our canopies, tables and (sadly) food all over the place but Matt was there covering the festivities many hours before the game. He seemed to be a nice person, the same guy you saw on Redskins Nation and did a great deal of extra work to make sure he had enough to tell his story to the fans.

Terl was also nice enough to link a few IIWII articles on the Redskins blog. I thank him for that. I also say that your effort, storytelling and presence with the Redskins will be dearly missed as well. I wish you and your family the best and I hope you can find an even better job sharing stories with readers/fans. The term blogger has been used as a derogatory term in the media over the years, but writers like Matt Terl have made it a respectable term. Hopefully, one day thanks to writers like Matt Terl and the evolution of media many bloggers will be respected for the information they provide.

* Hat Tip Unsilent Majority of KSK for the story.

Lockout Update

(Time to break those chains!!!  The lockout may be over as early as Tuesday.)
Here's the brief update for the few people that come to IIWII first (thank you imaginary readers!!) before hitting PFT, or ESPN about the lockout.

Global agreement between the NFLPA* and NFL has been reached on most points still to resolve. The NFLPA* is having a conference call with the 32 player representatives as I type this that they will recommend a settlement and thus it's over. Players will begin to show up to facilities on Tuesday to re-certify the union and ratify the new CBA.

NFL Network is reporting (speculating) that as soon as sometime Tuesday, drafted rookies and undrafted rookies can be signed by teams. It will also allow teams to start negotiating with their free agents.....but also free agents on other teams. That is a big deal as it eliminates tampering for the free agent period and also ends the 72 hour window of exclusive negotiations between a team and their free agents. Trades also can occur at this time. So as Redskin fans, the things to look for is UDFA signings, rookie signings and the possible trades of Albert Haynesworth and Donovan McNabb (or somebody else?).

Meanwhile, training camps will start as early as Wednesday. To me, that means that the Redskins training camp will/should open on time. Camp was scheduled to start Thursday, July 28th. The Redskins will have a 90 man roster, 10 more players than at last year's camp.

Free agency for all players will then start on Friday around 6PM EST.

Expect the next week or so to be utter chaos.......
Stay tuned to IIWII for updates and whatever I can come up with.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Can't Wait To Put This Back On The Blog.......

Since the lockout has started IIWII has been on "Lockout Mode" much like the NFL. I've been having a very hard time either coming up with something to write about or having the motivation to do a great deal of blogging about the Skins. Plus, I had our depressing headers up just to signify the dreariness of this lockout.

Despite reports of a possible end of the lockout and a new CBA being in place as early as Thursday, I'm still a bit skeptical. That said, I've already got IIWII's new header ready to go as soon as the lockout has been officially lifted.

Figured, I'd give you readers an early preview:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Could Denver Be a Good Spot for Haynesworth?

(Could Haynesworth be doing this at Broncos camp this year? Photo: FedEx Al)
Think about it before you scoff at the notion of the Redskins being able to trade Albert Haynesworth when the lockout ends. Trading Haynesworth to the Broncos could be a win-win for everybody involved (or is that win-win-win?), Here's why:

For the Redskins: This is simple, the Skins get some value for probably the greatest free agent bust in Redskins history (that says a lot- this is the franchise that paid Adam Archuleta top dollar to be a bench warmer). They don't have to pay Haynesworth for doing hardly anything anymore. Most importantly, the Skins cut the drama that Haynesworth brought to the Skins (along with Mike Shanahan's attempts to get him to get with the program). As a bonus, the Skins get Haynesworth out of the NFC just in case he ever becomes motivated to play up to his potential for more than one play every 3-4 games.

For the Broncos: Denver is moving back to a 4-3, something that John Fox prefers as a coach. The problem? Denver doesn't have a great deal of 4-3 tackles on the team. The Broncos would like to re-sign recently cut D-linemen Justin Bannan and Jamal Williams. To do so though means spending money for valuable free agents. Cap money the Broncos may not have to spend. By trading for Haynesworth, you have a player under contract already. Plus, the trade is more or less for 1 year. If he works out, then the Broncos can choose to re-do his deal. If he doesn't, the Broncos can release him and focus on drafting some new linemen in 2012. If John Fox could motivate Haynesworth to play in his 4-3, Haynesworth could become a scary monster again.

For Haynesworth: Honestly the Redskins could care less if this benefits Haynesworth. That said, Haynesworth gets his wish to play in a 4-3 again. Not only that, but it is a scheme that has had good success with another for DT in the past. Kris Jenkins had a few good years in Carolina in this scheme if I remember correctly. Also, Haynesworth will get opportunities to make plays with guys like Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller on the outside. It will be difficult for teams to double and triple team him when you have talent like that coming off the edge.

So here's my suggestion: Skins trade Haynesworth for either a 6th or 7th conditional 2012 draft pick (although at this point, I'd trade Haynesworth for a large cherry limeade from Sonic). Bruce Allen is smart and I'm sure that if Haynesworth made some achievements (sack #, pro bowl etc.) that the Redskins pick's value could increase. Either way, the Skins get rid of a serious headache from the Cerrato years and start looking towards the future of their D line.

* Hat tip to KFFL on the Denver Post article.
** Ed Note- This is purely speculation on my part. While I think it could be a good trade, I have heard no rumors that either team has talked to each other about a possible trade for Haynesworth. Obviously, they couldn't do it during the lockout anyway.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Redskins Free Agency

(How about OT Ryan Harris as a possible target?)

With the lockout slowly churning to an end (so is my stomach as I hope neither side can find a way to screw this up!), almost every media outlet and blog is looking at who the Redskins will target in the upcoming massive free agency that will be set upon the NFL in less than two weeks time. Well, to get back into the groove of actually writing about football, so is IIWII. I'm going to look briefly at every position, note some potential targets and discuss possible key Redskin free agents.

Before I even look at each position, lets look at the key target areas the Redskins must focus on when free agency finally starts. I've said it before and I'll say it again until I see radical improvement, the Redskins must address the offensive line in this free agency period. I applaud both Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen for drafting 4 offensive linemen over the past two drafts (Williams, Cook and Capers in 2010, Hurt in 2011). That said, only Trent Williams is a starter. The Redskins are developing a great deal of depth on the O-line but are still missing key starters on the line. I would argue that there is clearly 2-4 positions wide open on the current roster.

I'd love to mention the QB position but outside of re-signing Rex Grossman, what is there to say? Not much on the market to help the Skins at the position
Cornerback may the the team's second biggest position to fill that has talent available in free agency. Carlos Rogers and Phillip Buchanon are free agents. The good news is that there is a ton of  good, available talent not named Nnamdi Asomugha. Yeah, I like his skill set too, but I think the Skins need to find good players that don't break the bank. The last time the Skins spent major money on the top free agent.....Do I need to explain anything other than typing Albert Haynesworth?

The D-line also needs to be addressed as the Skins need to improve upon the depth of the D-line. I'm not sure that the Skins currently have their starting NT on the roster (Neild is a rookie, Bryant played well but many have concerns and Kemoeatu was hurt/ineffective last year); nor do I know who will be starting opposite of Adam Carriker at DE in 2011. The Skins need to bolster the D-line with run stuffers who can help collapse the pocket.

There are a few other positions of need, but one that most fans don't look at. It's a clear position of need that the Skins really haven't had for years: Punter. The Skins need a good punter. Field position is critical for a team that is struggling and the Skins need to find a guy who has a great hangtime with a decent amount of power. Also, Danny Smith will be looking for a punter who can directional kick.

Ok, so let's look at the Skins needs position by position:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hey, Those Are My Seats!!!

(Sometimes getting your tickets isn't as easy as it seems. Photo via)
So, I have a friend who's a fellow season ticket holder who wanted to share a story with you about his experience with the ticket office recently. The good news is that the issue was resolved with him getting better seats than he had in 2010. The bad news was that he felt he really had to press the Redskins into fixing the problem. He hopes that if you're a season ticket holder, you'll double check your invoice (or confirmation email/letter from the Skins) so you won't be in for a surprise. For the story we'll call him Geoff (not his real name) but the sections and rows mentioned in the story are the actual ones that he had, was offered and was eventually moved.

Geoff has been attending Redskin games for the last few years. He did have his name on the waiting list and was hoping eventually for his name to come off the list (yes, there are actual people on the Redskins ticket waiting list). In 2010, his name came up and he was able to get tickets in Section 404, Row 22 (Ed Note#1: I started out in the same section with my season tickets, although I think it was row 27 for me). Things were fine during the season (Ed Note#2: except for the 2-6 record at home which was annoying as hell). When it was time to renew his seats, Geoff asked for automatic upgrade but for an upgrade that did not change the ticket price (one of the many options offered to Skins fans in the 2011 automatic upgrade program). Geoff paid his invoice and thought that was that as he'd wait for the Skins to announce upgrades and ship out tickets.

A few months later, Geoff was checking out IIWII and caught my article on Season Ticket Updates. He went to his account on and was in for a surprise. He had been moved to Section 403, Row 15 but along with the move was a notice stating "invoice past due" and that he owed the Skins $330. Geoff called the Redskins ticket office the next day on his way to work (this was a Friday) and wanted to know what was the deal. Geoff states that he was never sent an email or a letter from the Skins about the upgrade. Apparently, the Skins had him listed as wanting an upgrade for the increased price. Geoff wasn't very happy and didn't want to pay an additional $330 for an upgrade that he didn't want in the first place and what he considered wasn't a significant move (1 section closer to the 50, 7 rows down). Geoff wanted his seats back. But he couldn't get them, the Skins had already gave them to another season ticket holder. The person he spoke to tried to find new seats and did have seats available 1 row lower and 10 seats closer to the 50 than his 2010 ticket that cost the same as his 2010 tickets. Geoff was satisfied and asked the person to send him an email stating the change.

When Geoff got home that night, he checked his account to find the $330 removed and Section 403 seats. But his 2010 seats were now listed. He also did not receive an email from the Skins about the change like he had requested.

That Saturday, the letter for the $330 upgrade finally came in the mail with "payment on receipt" marked on the invoice.......

Geoff called the ticket office on Tuesday and figured it would be best to talk with a supervisor. At this point he wasn't happy with the situation and wanted to let someone know. He spoke with another representative who told him the supervisor was in a meeting.When asked for the supervisor's direct extension, the representative said that the supervisor didn't have one. Geoff then told this representative of his situation and he was put back on with the person he spoke with that previous Friday. After having a discussion on the phone, Geoff did get  the email he requested.

Geoff said that he is happy that he did get an upgrade but didn't like what he had to go through to get resolution to the problem he had initially.

I still think that the automatic upgrade program has been a major improvement for the Redskins but it's not perfect. Hopefully, things will continue to improve.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hey, Those Are My Seats!!!! (Developing)

The last two seasons the Redskins have initiated an Automatic Upgrade Program that is designed to make relocation (ie. upgrades) for season ticket holders much easier and more fair. The idea was for the ticket holders to have a few options in where they wanted to sit for the upcoming season. 2010 worked generally well from personal experience, from the comments of some posters on ExtremeSkins and from some season ticket holders I talked with in my section and some who I met during the games. 2011 season ticket invoices offered even more options including the option to move either horizontally (closer to the 50) or vertically in some situations.

Overall, I think the program has been a success in most cases. Obviously not everybody has gotten what they've wanted, but at least there seems to be an improvement compared to past methods.

That is until I heard a story from a fellow season ticket holder and friend who hasn't been too happy about his placement by the Skins. I'm not going too much into the story now. It's Tuesday and he hopes to have a complete resolution to his seating problem soon (not sure if he was able to get up with the Skins yesterday). I'm hoping to write a story with a happy ending. Seriously, the Skins can always use some good PR and I would love to give them some. More to come as I find out more.........

Story Developing............

Saturday, July 9, 2011

FNV: Redskins, Hair Bands, Fans Bangin' Their Heads, Players/Owners Losing Their Minds

Friday Night Videos is back but this week I throw a few Redskin Videos out there that I've come across over the past week.

First, is a look back to NFL Network's tribute to the late Sean Taylor.

Next is a compilation of 2010 clips, with clips of the 2011 rookie class all to the music of Skid Row (and I think another band).

After you get fired up looking at some of our 2011 potential, you might as well keep banging your head. I know most of you are banging your heads against the wall because of the lockout. Well, keep doing it with some Quiet Riot.

.....and since we're all losing our minds due towards football, it begs the question where are the minds of the NFL/NFLPA and why can't they get a deal done when there is a boatload of money that can be lost (including fans). So we end Friday Night with "Where Is My Mind?" by the Pixies.

Yes, this is the song from the end credits of Fight Club; one of my favorite all time films.

Special Thanks to @SimoneBett on Twitter for mentioning one of the videos and ExtremeSkins for the other.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Becoming Apathetic: What the NFL/NFLPA Doesn't Want to Hear From its Fans

(When will the lockout end? Who knows? Do you care anymore?)

So, while at work today, a fellow co-worker (we'll call him T. ) comes up to me and says "Al, so you think there will ever be an end to this lockout?" Most of my co-workers in my department and a few others in other departments know of my passion for football and all things Washington Redskins. Little do they know that it goes so deep that I write this blog better known as It Is What It Is...... to cover the Skins and the on goings in the NFL pretty much for the hell of it (completely free content here, folks). It's not the first time I've been asked that question at work. Matter of fact only a few months ago (about a week or so before the draft) I was asked the exact same question by another co-worker.

Let's just say that my answer to the question has changed a great deal over a few months...........