Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Could Denver Be a Good Spot for Haynesworth?

(Could Haynesworth be doing this at Broncos camp this year? Photo: FedEx Al)
Think about it before you scoff at the notion of the Redskins being able to trade Albert Haynesworth when the lockout ends. Trading Haynesworth to the Broncos could be a win-win for everybody involved (or is that win-win-win?), Here's why:

For the Redskins: This is simple, the Skins get some value for probably the greatest free agent bust in Redskins history (that says a lot- this is the franchise that paid Adam Archuleta top dollar to be a bench warmer). They don't have to pay Haynesworth for doing hardly anything anymore. Most importantly, the Skins cut the drama that Haynesworth brought to the Skins (along with Mike Shanahan's attempts to get him to get with the program). As a bonus, the Skins get Haynesworth out of the NFC just in case he ever becomes motivated to play up to his potential for more than one play every 3-4 games.

For the Broncos: Denver is moving back to a 4-3, something that John Fox prefers as a coach. The problem? Denver doesn't have a great deal of 4-3 tackles on the team. The Broncos would like to re-sign recently cut D-linemen Justin Bannan and Jamal Williams. To do so though means spending money for valuable free agents. Cap money the Broncos may not have to spend. By trading for Haynesworth, you have a player under contract already. Plus, the trade is more or less for 1 year. If he works out, then the Broncos can choose to re-do his deal. If he doesn't, the Broncos can release him and focus on drafting some new linemen in 2012. If John Fox could motivate Haynesworth to play in his 4-3, Haynesworth could become a scary monster again.

For Haynesworth: Honestly the Redskins could care less if this benefits Haynesworth. That said, Haynesworth gets his wish to play in a 4-3 again. Not only that, but it is a scheme that has had good success with another for DT in the past. Kris Jenkins had a few good years in Carolina in this scheme if I remember correctly. Also, Haynesworth will get opportunities to make plays with guys like Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller on the outside. It will be difficult for teams to double and triple team him when you have talent like that coming off the edge.

So here's my suggestion: Skins trade Haynesworth for either a 6th or 7th conditional 2012 draft pick (although at this point, I'd trade Haynesworth for a large cherry limeade from Sonic). Bruce Allen is smart and I'm sure that if Haynesworth made some achievements (sack #, pro bowl etc.) that the Redskins pick's value could increase. Either way, the Skins get rid of a serious headache from the Cerrato years and start looking towards the future of their D line.

* Hat tip to KFFL on the Denver Post article.
** Ed Note- This is purely speculation on my part. While I think it could be a good trade, I have heard no rumors that either team has talked to each other about a possible trade for Haynesworth. Obviously, they couldn't do it during the lockout anyway.

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