Saturday, July 9, 2011

FNV: Redskins, Hair Bands, Fans Bangin' Their Heads, Players/Owners Losing Their Minds

Friday Night Videos is back but this week I throw a few Redskin Videos out there that I've come across over the past week.

First, is a look back to NFL Network's tribute to the late Sean Taylor.

Next is a compilation of 2010 clips, with clips of the 2011 rookie class all to the music of Skid Row (and I think another band).

After you get fired up looking at some of our 2011 potential, you might as well keep banging your head. I know most of you are banging your heads against the wall because of the lockout. Well, keep doing it with some Quiet Riot.

.....and since we're all losing our minds due towards football, it begs the question where are the minds of the NFL/NFLPA and why can't they get a deal done when there is a boatload of money that can be lost (including fans). So we end Friday Night with "Where Is My Mind?" by the Pixies.

Yes, this is the song from the end credits of Fight Club; one of my favorite all time films.

Special Thanks to @SimoneBett on Twitter for mentioning one of the videos and ExtremeSkins for the other.

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