Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hey, Those Are My Seats!!!! (Developing)

The last two seasons the Redskins have initiated an Automatic Upgrade Program that is designed to make relocation (ie. upgrades) for season ticket holders much easier and more fair. The idea was for the ticket holders to have a few options in where they wanted to sit for the upcoming season. 2010 worked generally well from personal experience, from the comments of some posters on ExtremeSkins and from some season ticket holders I talked with in my section and some who I met during the games. 2011 season ticket invoices offered even more options including the option to move either horizontally (closer to the 50) or vertically in some situations.

Overall, I think the program has been a success in most cases. Obviously not everybody has gotten what they've wanted, but at least there seems to be an improvement compared to past methods.

That is until I heard a story from a fellow season ticket holder and friend who hasn't been too happy about his placement by the Skins. I'm not going too much into the story now. It's Tuesday and he hopes to have a complete resolution to his seating problem soon (not sure if he was able to get up with the Skins yesterday). I'm hoping to write a story with a happy ending. Seriously, the Skins can always use some good PR and I would love to give them some. More to come as I find out more.........

Story Developing............

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