Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hey, Those Are My Seats!!!

(Sometimes getting your tickets isn't as easy as it seems. Photo via)
So, I have a friend who's a fellow season ticket holder who wanted to share a story with you about his experience with the ticket office recently. The good news is that the issue was resolved with him getting better seats than he had in 2010. The bad news was that he felt he really had to press the Redskins into fixing the problem. He hopes that if you're a season ticket holder, you'll double check your invoice (or confirmation email/letter from the Skins) so you won't be in for a surprise. For the story we'll call him Geoff (not his real name) but the sections and rows mentioned in the story are the actual ones that he had, was offered and was eventually moved.

Geoff has been attending Redskin games for the last few years. He did have his name on the waiting list and was hoping eventually for his name to come off the list (yes, there are actual people on the Redskins ticket waiting list). In 2010, his name came up and he was able to get tickets in Section 404, Row 22 (Ed Note#1: I started out in the same section with my season tickets, although I think it was row 27 for me). Things were fine during the season (Ed Note#2: except for the 2-6 record at home which was annoying as hell). When it was time to renew his seats, Geoff asked for automatic upgrade but for an upgrade that did not change the ticket price (one of the many options offered to Skins fans in the 2011 automatic upgrade program). Geoff paid his invoice and thought that was that as he'd wait for the Skins to announce upgrades and ship out tickets.

A few months later, Geoff was checking out IIWII and caught my article on Season Ticket Updates. He went to his account on and was in for a surprise. He had been moved to Section 403, Row 15 but along with the move was a notice stating "invoice past due" and that he owed the Skins $330. Geoff called the Redskins ticket office the next day on his way to work (this was a Friday) and wanted to know what was the deal. Geoff states that he was never sent an email or a letter from the Skins about the upgrade. Apparently, the Skins had him listed as wanting an upgrade for the increased price. Geoff wasn't very happy and didn't want to pay an additional $330 for an upgrade that he didn't want in the first place and what he considered wasn't a significant move (1 section closer to the 50, 7 rows down). Geoff wanted his seats back. But he couldn't get them, the Skins had already gave them to another season ticket holder. The person he spoke to tried to find new seats and did have seats available 1 row lower and 10 seats closer to the 50 than his 2010 ticket that cost the same as his 2010 tickets. Geoff was satisfied and asked the person to send him an email stating the change.

When Geoff got home that night, he checked his account to find the $330 removed and Section 403 seats. But his 2010 seats were now listed. He also did not receive an email from the Skins about the change like he had requested.

That Saturday, the letter for the $330 upgrade finally came in the mail with "payment on receipt" marked on the invoice.......

Geoff called the ticket office on Tuesday and figured it would be best to talk with a supervisor. At this point he wasn't happy with the situation and wanted to let someone know. He spoke with another representative who told him the supervisor was in a meeting.When asked for the supervisor's direct extension, the representative said that the supervisor didn't have one. Geoff then told this representative of his situation and he was put back on with the person he spoke with that previous Friday. After having a discussion on the phone, Geoff did get  the email he requested.

Geoff said that he is happy that he did get an upgrade but didn't like what he had to go through to get resolution to the problem he had initially.

I still think that the automatic upgrade program has been a major improvement for the Redskins but it's not perfect. Hopefully, things will continue to improve.

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