Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Can't Wait To Put This Back On The Blog.......

Since the lockout has started IIWII has been on "Lockout Mode" much like the NFL. I've been having a very hard time either coming up with something to write about or having the motivation to do a great deal of blogging about the Skins. Plus, I had our depressing headers up just to signify the dreariness of this lockout.

Despite reports of a possible end of the lockout and a new CBA being in place as early as Thursday, I'm still a bit skeptical. That said, I've already got IIWII's new header ready to go as soon as the lockout has been officially lifted.

Figured, I'd give you readers an early preview:

So far it's the best picture I could find (without paying for it). of Section 106. Hopefully as I get a chance to get down to FedEx, I can get some pictures for a more 2011 FedEx. Note that this picture has the old Jumbotron in the background.

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