Monday, July 25, 2011

Lockout Update

(Time to break those chains!!!  The lockout may be over as early as Tuesday.)
Here's the brief update for the few people that come to IIWII first (thank you imaginary readers!!) before hitting PFT, or ESPN about the lockout.

Global agreement between the NFLPA* and NFL has been reached on most points still to resolve. The NFLPA* is having a conference call with the 32 player representatives as I type this that they will recommend a settlement and thus it's over. Players will begin to show up to facilities on Tuesday to re-certify the union and ratify the new CBA.

NFL Network is reporting (speculating) that as soon as sometime Tuesday, drafted rookies and undrafted rookies can be signed by teams. It will also allow teams to start negotiating with their free agents.....but also free agents on other teams. That is a big deal as it eliminates tampering for the free agent period and also ends the 72 hour window of exclusive negotiations between a team and their free agents. Trades also can occur at this time. So as Redskin fans, the things to look for is UDFA signings, rookie signings and the possible trades of Albert Haynesworth and Donovan McNabb (or somebody else?).

Meanwhile, training camps will start as early as Wednesday. To me, that means that the Redskins training camp will/should open on time. Camp was scheduled to start Thursday, July 28th. The Redskins will have a 90 man roster, 10 more players than at last year's camp.

Free agency for all players will then start on Friday around 6PM EST.

Expect the next week or so to be utter chaos.......
Stay tuned to IIWII for updates and whatever I can come up with.

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