Monday, July 25, 2011

What The **** Redskins?! Matt Terl Out as Redskins Blogger

So, I'm doing my daily web read through and see this article on Kissing Suzy Kolber:

So, I'm a bit stunned.....I decide to click over to ExtremeSkins just to confirm the story and here it is directly from Mr. Terl himself:

I don't know what the Skins are doing to be honest. First, the Skins part ways with Larry Weisman. Now it's Terl. Frankly, Matt Terl had a hard job. Not that it wasn't a fun job to be sure, but it was hard because at times I got to think it was a bit mundane. Terl didn't do what guys like Schefter or Mort, LaCanfora, or PFT does. He wasn't with the Skins to have breaking news, make major speculations (ie. those great rumors we always see on the web) or break down game film.

Terl told stories. He tried to tell stories of players and what they did when they didn't have the pads on. For example, Terl's last story on the Redskins Blog dealt with Niles Paul's thoughts on the new Captain America movie. Terl tried to make the players three dimensional to fans. That's important especially in football when mostly all you see of a player is a number and a last name (with their face covered by a helmet). There is more to Lorenzo Alexander than being able to play multiple positions (he has his own foundation and does a great deal of charity work), there is much more than a player being able to throw a ball, catch a pass and make a tackle. It was Terl who helped show the fans that the Redskins, its players and staff were more than just a game.

Terl also covered some of the major changes that took place at FedEx from the Hall of Fame store, the landscaping, the Jumbotron and most recently the removal of upper deck seats. I found it interesting and I know many of the Skins fan did as well (plus, the pictures were great) even though it wasn't your typical X's and O's "football" story.

I met Matt Terl briefly once during the Redskins/Ravens game in 2008 only months or so before I started my attempt at blogging about the Redskins. It was bitter cold, wind was blowing all of our canopies, tables and (sadly) food all over the place but Matt was there covering the festivities many hours before the game. He seemed to be a nice person, the same guy you saw on Redskins Nation and did a great deal of extra work to make sure he had enough to tell his story to the fans.

Terl was also nice enough to link a few IIWII articles on the Redskins blog. I thank him for that. I also say that your effort, storytelling and presence with the Redskins will be dearly missed as well. I wish you and your family the best and I hope you can find an even better job sharing stories with readers/fans. The term blogger has been used as a derogatory term in the media over the years, but writers like Matt Terl have made it a respectable term. Hopefully, one day thanks to writers like Matt Terl and the evolution of media many bloggers will be respected for the information they provide.

* Hat Tip Unsilent Majority of KSK for the story.

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