Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Farewell Malcolm Kelly, 2008 Draft

(Has Kelly become another 2008 Redskin to fade away?)
The Redskins announced their first round of cuts today. Not many of the cuts were that shocking or surprising. To many fans, they wouldn't even recognize most of the players involved. Except one. Malcolm Kelly, the oft injured yet highly intangible wide receiver's tenure finally comes to a sad end. What makes this the most sad is that much like an Albert Haynesworth, Kelly has a ton of ability and has flashed that the few times on the field. But unlike Haynesworth, it appeared that Kelly was doing the right things to make it with the Skins. He was attending meetings, he was training and getting better at running routes (or at least that's what I was hearing). But his body wouldn't go to where his mind was trying to achieve. An injured foot kept him out of training camp and sealed his fate.

You can't blame Kelly for an injury prone career, but it's clear that the Redskins made a major mistake in drafting Kelly in the 2nd round of the 2008 draft. They were warned about his potential to be a regular on the trainer's table and that he could have a shortened career. It's not like the Redskins could throw away a 2nd round pick. They needed both offensive and defensive line help and instead of addressing those areas, they spent all three of their 2nd round picks on skill positions. The Skins did attempt to address the O-line in the 3rd round, but reached terribly for Chad Rinehart (a player that most draft experts had going in the late rounds and is currently out of the league). Kelly's departure leaves only four Redskins from that draft on the roster and there is a chance that two of those four will not be on the 53 man roster come Saturday (Moore, Horton).

Maybe there is a silver lining to all of this. With the departures of failed projects like Kelly, maybe the Redskins are truly evolving away from the "Decade of Despair" (2000-2009 and it's fair to include 2010 in that also) and starting to build a team that can get it's talent on the field and in a WRs case in the end zone. Gone is the hype and the one highlight reel player and in its place is a quiet confidence and a player that fits the team's scheme and locker room. One can only hope that the 2011 draft class can do the opposite of the 2008 class and that the 'Skins this time invested better than they have in the past.

Full List of Cuts to trim roster to 80

Jarvis Jenkins (to IR)
Dante Barnes
Ben Chappell
Xavier Fulton
Tyrone Grant
Eric McBride
Corey O'Daniel
Clint Stitser
Joe Torchia
Malcolm Kelly

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