Saturday, August 20, 2011

Redskins/Colts: Initial Thoughts and Links

This will be a bit more brief as I have to head to work today. Don't worry, another very thorough Game Recap is coming Sunday.

- John Beck Watch. Looked good. I liked the mobility and the ability to make plays. He's quick but not fast. He's elusive but not a running QB per se. Most of his passes were on target and he hit his targets in stride. I'd like to see more though. Hard to give the starting job to a QB based on one half of a game.

- Run game. Roy Helu was a beast last night and Tim Hightower had a repeat performance of last week. Blocking fits perfect for this scheme.

- O line takes a setback. Multiple sacks given up last night. Pass blocking struggled. Blocking in the Red Zone struggled. 2nd/3rd team O-lines looked rough. Good news is that the line is in synch. There were limited penalties and the run blocking led the Skins run for over 200 yards.

- Driving the ball. Skins wound up taking the ball down  field almost every series with the starters. Gained over 400 yards (2nd week in a row). Skins looked good in 3rd down conversions (5/8 with Beck in, 4/6 last week with Grossman as starter).

- Red Zone Concerns. 1/4 in the Red Zone this week. 1/5 last week. The team seems to struggle as soon as they hit the 20. Is it execution? Is it playcalling? A little of both?

- The D. Not going to say much here but let's just say they looked really, really good. Although with no Manning, the Colts look like a HS team.

- Trent Williams. Struggled. Not the first time a LT has struggled with Dwight Freeney, but it's clear that Williams has things to work on.

- No more interviews. Charles Mann, great guy, great player. Horrible interviews. Lucas Oil Stadium (still looks like a big Walmart to me) didn't help with all the echos.

- Is Peyton Manning the greatest QB of all time? I say that b/c the Colts just looked pathetic without him in uniform.....on both sides of the ball. Crazy, but this Colt's team didn't look a bit intimidating this week.

10 thoughts on the game by John Keim of The Examiner

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