Sunday, August 21, 2011

Updates 8/21/11

Good morning everyone!
It's Sunday, the Skins are 2-0 (mind you, in a meaningless pre-season) and are only a few days away from the "rehearsal" game against the Ravens (Just a reminder, Skins are playing the final two weeks of pre-season on Thursday night. This Thursday's game will be televised on ESPN). I plan on watching Skins @ Colts again today and hopefully will have my game recap coming soon tonight. I'm also hoping to start making some more modifications/tweaks to IIWII.

There should be an About Us page coming soon. Why in the hell did I call the site It is What It Is? What is the point of a Redskins blog that covers Chris Nolan movies and plays clips of The Kids in the Hall on Friday nights? Who is (where is????) Steeler Hater Dan? All will be answered in the most Mike Shanahan way possible on our About Us page. I also hope to fix some of the other links/categories on the site.

Two quick things to the readers out there. First, is that we do accept comments. Granted, I might remove them based on content (y'know revealing people's addresses/phone #'s and using major profanity) but we do accept them and we at IIWII do want to know what you think about the topic and the story. We (me) also are frequently checking the email, so if you have a comment or suggestion about the Skins or other content on the site, let me know. Second, is that I am welcoming other writers/bloggers/Skins fans/football fans to come and guest post. Thinking about creating your own blog but don't feel like spending the time setting up a site? Want to just write one article? Here's your opportunity. Send me your article and I will review it, possibly edit it and possibly post it. Obviously, you will get full credit and I'll add a link to your home page, website, Twitter account or Facebook page. No, you don't get paid (neither do I) but it gives you a chance to write and be published even if it's on IIWII. Plus, I wanted to bulk up the amount of posts. Lately, my entries have been rather long but not as many......

There are a bunch of Redskins blogs on the internet and I just wanted to thank you again for reading. IIWII enters its third full season covering the Redskins and I hope you'll be along for the ride.

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