Sunday, September 18, 2011

Initial Thoughts: Redemption? Cards @ Skins Week 2

(Graham Gano hits one of 3 FGs to give the Redskins the lead in the 22-21 victory)

 Some quick thoughts before I sit down and re-watch the game on my DVR.

- Last week Graham Gano and Reed Doughty were the biggest goats despite a Redskins win over the Giants. This week, they made critical plays. Gano was 3/4 on FGs (the miss was actually blocked). Doughty made a key fumble recovery at the end of the game and again made a bunch of tackles.

- I'm not sure Rex Grossman deserves as much blame that he's getting for this week. Grossman is credited (blamed is a better word) for 2 INTs. Looking forward to checking this out. Maybe the decisions weren't the best but both INTs look like they happened more because of what happened to the WR than the pass choice. The 1st INT looked like the WR slipped. The 2nd was on a tip by Anthony Armstrong (note: Armstrong was being held during this and didn't get a pass interference call).

- I'm not convinced about this great performance by the O-line that some of the analysts on ESPN 980 were touting on the post game show. The run game was better, but there was still many times where blocks could of been made to turn a minimal gain to a back breaker. More on that when I do the breakdown. I also thought that the pass blocking was inconsistent. Even if the Cardinals didn't get to Grossman, they got enough push to get their hands up to deflect Rex Grossman's passes.

- Roy Helu reminds me of Clinton Portis from his Denver days. That said, I think Helu may have a higher up-side than Portis based on what I've read about the player's work ethic and character.

- Skins played a much sloppier game than they did against the Giants. They failed to score when in the Red Zone. They gave up really big runs and one big pass. I just have a feeling that we're going to see this up and down trend throughout the season. This is despite my belief that the Redskins are on the right track and are getting better. This game was a classic letdown game or trap game. If you noticed today, the Ravens had the same type of game against the Titans........The Titans won. Give credit to the Skins for not losing today. They wouldn't have won this game last year.

- I still don't get why the Eagles let go of P, Sav Rocca. He has been a major upgrade for the Skins since coming to DC.

- Ryan Kerrigan is showing the world that he was the right choice for the Redskins at #16. Love his attitude and his non-stop effort. Made another couple of big plays today.

- Fred Davis may have become the starting TE after least as a pass catcher. Has really improved on finding ways to get open and has been a pretty good Red Zone target. Of course, this is a contract year for Davis. Many players have career seasons in contract years.

- If the Eagles lose tonight against the Falcons, the Redskins are in sole possession of 1st place in the NFCE. Hey, at least we would have done it sometime this year.

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