Monday, September 26, 2011

Initial Thoughts: Redskins Cowboys

- Graham Gano has been excellent is this game. 3/4 on FGs and the lone block again had nothing to do with him.

- We've seen "Good Rex" and "Bad Rex" already.

- O-line, in particular Trent Williams, has played well for the most part.

- LaRon Landry, we missed you. 1 FF and knocking the hell out of everybody.

- Josh Wilson making some good tackles and a nice recovery.

- London Fletcher is still a beast and the defense has played extremely well.

- Dear ESPN, please shut the **** up about Vick's bruised hand. Unless they're cutting it off, I don't need to hear about it every 5 minutes.

- Anthony Armstrong is hurt. I blame this slip and slide of a field. Hopefully. the trainers will fix the Skins cleats at halftime.

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