Monday, September 12, 2011

Initial Thoughts: Victory! Giants @ Skins Week 1

(Rex Grossman looks for a receiver down field on their way to victory. Photo: FedEx Al)

First, a quick apology to the readers. I was hoping that last night I could get up an Initial Thoughts column, watch (re-watch) the game and then write up a Game Recap today. Didn't happen obviously. I got home from FedEx in time to finish watching the Cowboys @ Jets and before I knew it, I was asleep on my couch. The combination of heat/sunburn/tailgating/screaming my head off/driving did me in. So, I'll do  this article, get to watching the game and try to get the full game recap out sometime today.

Time for some Initial Thoughts........

Rex Grossman- He said something on Football Night in America about having a lot of "haters" and that he has to play his best to prove them wrong. Well, they were proven wrong. Grossman had a great game in many aspects. When he had time to look down field and throw the ball, he found his targets. He didn't make many mistakes and he put the ball in places where it wouldn't be intercepted. There are things in his game that he still needs to improve. His receivers bailed him out on some plays by making some amazing catches (Armstrong, Davis) and the tendency to fumble is still there. Without a doubt, Grossman had his best day as a Redskin.

Offensive Line- Here's where the problems start. The O-line looked shoddy. Trent Williams really struggled with Jason Pierre-Paul. I saw Jammal Brown get shoved back a few times. Fellow tailgater SaberAce noted to me that Lichtensteiger looked horrible. Al Galdi of ESPN 980 noted that Will Montgomery's snaps were off. Lot's of things to look at later. Grossman was sacked four times yesterday.

Rookies Shined- Fan wondered why the Skins cut Anthony Bryant and kept rookie NT Chris Neild. Now we know why. Neild had 2 sacks and had a great deal of penetration in both the run and pass game. Ryan Kerrigan already has showed why the Redskins drafted him in the first round. His touchdown was an amazing play that started with him reading a chop block and blocking it. Then, Kerrigan was able to get his hands up, deflect the ball and find it to catch it.

FedEx Rocked- I'm curious to hear how it sounded on TV. It was loud in the lower bowl despite a good 30-40% of the crowd were Giant fans.

Another D'Oh Gano Moment- Y'know I like Graham Gano. But how can he keep missing FGs less than 40 yards in his home stadium? Beats me.......

More coming with the Game Recap, stay tuned.

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