Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Cowboys Week!!!! Updates, Blogger's Block etc.

(Recent but classic Redskins/Cowboys moment: Photo Credit (?))

Quick update: Still working on the Cardinals/Skins Game Recap. It's been a hard one to write. Not that there's a ton of info. to write about. It's just trying to get the details right and sharing the most important parts have been hard to get down on the page. Call it blogger's block but it's been hard to write/type. The good news is that I'm on the last part of the article and hopefully it will be up before the weekend (real job permitting).

What's on Tap This Weekend on IIWII: With no game to attend on Sunday, I'm hoping to get a bunch of things done on the blog this weekend. Don't worry, I haven't forgot that the 2-0 Redskins are headed to Dallas on Monday to face the Cowboys. There will be a special look at the Cowboys and what the Skins (and the Cowboys) need to do in order to win on MNF. I'm also hoping to do a special Friday Night Videos dedicated to Dallas week.

There may be more, but for me that's plenty of writing already that I'll need to get done.

With the game being on Monday, I may do an Initial Thoughts during the game instead of after because of the limited amount of time to breakdown the game and get a game recap out. Hopefully, I'll have the Skins/Cowboys game recap out by next Wednesday (says the guy who hasn't finished the Cardinals game recap yet).

Stay Tuned........

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