Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Dallas Monday

So with the Skins and the Cowboys on Monday night, here is a special take on tonight's game with some video, some thoughts and some links.

Thoughts on the game

What the 'Skins need to do:

- Run the ball. Dallas will be keying on the Skins pass. They want to sack Grossman and force fumbles. DeMarcus Ware is licking his chops. The Skins need to run to keep players like him on their toes. Also, to set up the bootlegs and play action passes.

- 3rd and short. The Skins must try to be at 3rd and 5 or less. Again this forces the Cowboys to limit blitzes and gives the 'Skins more options in the passing game.

- Limit mistakes. Limit the fumbles, missed FGs, INTs, dropped balls.

- Get the ball to Cooley and Moss. I know Cooley has not been healthy but both he and Moss have their best games against the Cowboys.

- Stop the Dallas run game. Cowboys have been averaging 2.9 yards/carry. Their O-line is banged up (especially the interior). Make the Cowboys 1 dimensional, which leads to my next point.

- Hit Romo early and often. Tony Romo is playing tonight but he's banged up. Romo will also be wearing padding to protect his ribs which will make him slower and may hinder his throwing motion. More pressure on Romo will lead to him making mistakes.

- Score in the Red Zone. The Skins have shown in two games that they can get into the Red Zone. The key tonight will be to score when they get there.

What the 'Skins need to avoid:

- DeMarcus Ware. Leads the league in sacks and can do about everything. The Skins need to shut him down or limit his impact in the game. Easier said than done, I know.

- Stop giving up big plays. In two games, the Redskins have given up a huge touchdown pass in each game. They wree able to get away with this at FedEx, but it probably won't happen in Dallas.

- Stop being outscored in the 1st quarter.  The Skins have been outscored 14-0 by opponents in the 1st quarter through two games.

- Underestimating Jesse Holley. Holley has amazing speed and can be a be threat if the Skins let him.

- Give Tony Romo time. He has weapons and can pick a team apart if you let him. Like above, hit him early and often.


Player to Watch: Offense 
Rex Grossman- Can he make the plays and throw the touchdowns without making the turnovers? If "Good Rex" shows up, the Skins could walk away with a win tonight.

Player to Watch: Defense
Stephen Bowen- This could be his game to shine. Plus, he knows this team well and it would be a fair statement that he will use that knowledge to help his current team win.

Player to Watch: Special Teams
Graham Gano- Can he have a game where he doesn't miss a FG or have on blocked? Every point in this game will be critical and the Skins need him to convert.

Here's some links talking about tonight's game:

- Mr. Irrelevant offered up some predictions from Skins media. Fans also welcome to participate.

- BGO is throwing out their member predictions as well.

- So is ExtremeSkins with member predictions.

- Redskins/Cowboys  final injury report. Notable: Landry and Young are questionable.

- Jaws talks Redskins/Cowboys matchup.

- A look at the key matchups for tonight's game.

Final Thoughts

- The Skins are a horrible 4-12 in the last 16 Monday Night Football games. Granted the Skins overall have been horrible over the last decade.

- If the Skins win tonight, they will go 3-0. Since 1990 teams going 3-0 have gone to the playoffs 76% of the time. Not only that but the Skins would have eclipsed predictions that they were only going 2-14 this year (looking at you Sporting News).

If the Skins win tonight, they are in sole place of the NFCE and would have a 2-0 lead in the division.

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