Sunday, September 11, 2011

NFL Picks Week 1

Football is back. As I write this I am trying to get ready of the Giants/Redskins game, traffic and delays (security reason for a 9/11 event) will probably cause a great deal of waiting. Anyway, onto the picks. Not going into a great deal of explanation for them this week because of the time issues.

Game of the Week: Pittsburgh at Baltimore
SHD will hate me for this but I just think the Steelers are going to give the Ravens fits. Ravens starting O-line will be playing together for the first time. The Redskins had a good game against the Ravens and their defense is very similar to Pittsburgh's. Another close, hard hitting game but Pittsburgh pulls it out. This is the best divisional game (rivalry if you will) currently in the league. Pit 13, Bal. 10

Giants at Redskins
Redskins have lost 9 of the last 10 against the Giants. That said the last win was highly emotional as the Skins were trying to make the playoffs in honor of fallen teammate Sean Taylor. They succeeded in a crazy game, led by a system QB (Todd Collins). The Skins coming into this very emotional game are led by a system QB (Rex Grossman) and are vastly improved compared to the 2010 team. The Giants are limping into FedEx with injuries. I think the Skins open with a win here. Skins 24, NYG 21

Rest of the Week:
Falcons @ Bears: Falcons (Keep an eye on the run game. Bear's O-line is still horrible)
Colts @ Texans: Texans (No Manning, no win)
Bills @ Chiefs: Chiefs
Titans @ Jaguars: Titans (I picked the Jags on BGO for some stupid reason and now the picks are locked)
Bengals @ Browns: Browns  (Are the Bengals the NFL's worst team?)
Eagles @ Rams: Eagles
Lions @ Bucs: Lions
Vikings @ Chargers: Chargers
Panthers @ Cardinals: Panthers
Seahawks @ 49ers: 49ers
Cowboys @ Jets: Jets
Patriots @ Dolphins: Patriots
Radiers @ Broncos: Broncos

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