Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beck Gets 2nd Chance, But Is It Enough? Redskins/Panthers Preview

John Beck should be starting for the Redskins today. Not because of the poor performance of Rex Grossman last week (more on that in a moment) but because of the current situation that's taking place on the offensive line. With an entirely new left side and a center getting his first career start, the Redskins will need the mobility of a John Beck to help continue plays, make first downs with him running the ball and to just have time to get away and git rid of a pass before getting hit or sacked. The run game struggled last week and with Kyle Shanahan's tendency to try play action even when the run isn't working, they'll need a QB who can at least make the Carolina defense respect his ability to run with the football. Rex Grossman can't do that.

We knew what we were getting with Grossman. He's a QB who tends to throw as many TDs in a game as turnovers (combined fumbles and INTs). It's something that you can live with if your run game is working and your defense is limiting opposing team scores. However, when your run game is non-existent and the defense is struggling, you can't throw 4 INTs. Grossman knows this, so does his coaches. Although I really respect the fact that his teammates stood up for him and wanted him to start today.

The key for today won't be Beck. It will be the Redskins run game. Can the O-line open holes for the RBs? Can either Torain, Hightower or Helu see holes, cut through them and plow through players at the second level? If they can, the Skins have a good chance to win. Beck seems to be a bit more game manager than gunslinger compared to Grossman.

I don't like the matchup on D. They tend to struggle with mobile QBs. They tend to struggle with shiftier RBs more this season.

This is a game where a struggling team either beats the lowly Redskins or the Redskins find a way to pick themselves up and find a way to get back on track despite the obstacles of injury.

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