Saturday, October 8, 2011

FNV: Cowboy Fans May Hate Tony Romo More Than Redskins Fans

I'm sure when Dallas comes to FedEx there will be a litany of tailgates that will be burning Cowboy jerseys for fun. But if you don't have $50-$80 to spend on a Tony Romo jersey, this father and son have saved you the trouble. The kicker? They're Cowboy fans. That's right the Cowboy fans are getting sick of Tony Romo and his "gutsy" performances. What the sports media heads aren't telling you is that this has been common knowledge since the season began and Romo cost the Cowboys a win against the Jets. I can't tell you how many tweets I read from Cowboy fans glad that Romo was knocked out of 49ers game before the "gutsy" comeback and the "gutsy" play against the 'Skins (which was pretty lousy). Two more non-football related videos after the jump.

 (hat tip to Deadspin and Black Sports Online)

Was trolling around You Tube one day and found this old meme called wtfBoom (NSFW brief language). I was impressed with the original animation and wondered where it came from. Well, once I found the original source, I was quite pleased. To quote Drew Magary this is a song that will make you want to run through a  Goddamn brick wall: Pearl Jam's Do the Evolution. Love the Todd McFarlane animation style and the slight wink/nod to Neil Gaiman's Death (although this death seems to be a much more sadistic and evil version, than Gaiman's from The Sandman and Death: The High Cost of Living series). It's not a happy video in the least and doesn't show humanity at it's best, but maybe that was the point.

We'll end this Friday Night Video's with something a bit more mellow. the Talking Head's Take me to the River. Hard to believe I was still in diapers when this performance was recorded.


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