Saturday, October 15, 2011

NFL Week 6 Picks

This is a weird week because with exception of two games, I'm picking the home team. Also, with exception of one game, I'm going to take the favorite. Like I said....weird.

* Point spread based on home team, for entertainment purposes only.

1 PM Games
Panthers @ Falcons (-5.0)
I'm not sold on the Falcons and Cam Newton is bound to do enough to lead his team to victory eventually. That said, I still like the Falcons in the Georgia Dome. They need a victory and should get it this week.
Pick: Falcons

49ers @ Lions (-6.5)
Again, I like the home team in this one. Both teams have played well in the first five weeks. I expect Detroit to just be a bit better.
Pick: Lions

Colts @ Bengals (-7.0)
I hate the points on this game, but I still see the Colts losing this one especially with the rumors of Colt veterans available via trade coming out this week.
Pick: Bengals

Eagles @ Redskins (-1.0)
Everybody is picking against the Redskins this week (at least most DC sports media that is). It makes sense I suppose. The Eagles play the Skins better at FedEx over the last decade than they do at The Linc. The Skins were destroyed last year on MNF at FedEx by the Eagles. Also, this is the classic game where the Skins could cause serious damage to a NFCE team and really elevate themselves; yet, they find a way to lose. After all of that, you'd think that this would be the week I pick against the 'Skins. Wrong! The Eagles have no starting OTs this week (depends on if King Dunlap is available) and no Trent Cole. If the 'Skins really have turned around as a franchise they win this week. I think they have and will win.
Pick: Redskins 27-24

Rams @ Packers (-14.0)
The Rams are horrible. The Packers play like they are the world champs. What else is there to say?
Pick: Packers

Jaguars @ Steelers (-12.5)
I'm wondering which Florida coach gets fired first: Del Rio or Sparano? At this point I don't see either of them making it to the end of the season. This game won't help.
Pick: Steelers

Bills @ Giants (-3.5)
Many believe that this is a classic Tom Coughlin type of win for the Giants. They tend to win when they aren't expected and after a really bad loss. They could be right, but with Eli's turnovers and the Bills high scoring offense I don't think so.
Pick: Bills

4 PM Games
Browns @ Raiders (EVEN)
Make a drinking game out of this one. Drink once every time Al Davis is mentioned. Drink twice if catchphrases "Just Win, Baby!" or "Commitment to Excellence" is mentioned. Bonus drink for camera pans of costumed Raider fans in the Black Hole crying.
Pick: Raiders

Texans @ Ravens (-7.0)
The Texans are starting to look like the Texans again (a good team that always finds ways to lose). Derrick Mason won't be enough to beat a tough Baltimore team. This will be the 2nd time in a matter of weeks he gets to lose to his former team.
Pick: Ravens

Saints @ Buccaneers (+4.5)
Not sure what has gone wrong in Tampa, but something has. It has also led to a lot of high scoring losses. Saints aren't going to make things any better.
Pick: Saints

Game of the Week
Cowboys @ Patriots (-7.0)
The Cowboys have one of the better D's in the league. The Patriots have one of the better offenses. The Patriots have one of the worst D's in the league. The Cowboys O is banged up still and likes to turn the ball over. This should be a good game, but I see the Pats edging out the Cowboys because they make less mistakes.
Pick: Patriots

Vikings @ Bears (-3.5)
This is a tough one because of the Bears struggles as of late. But I see their defense playing better and forcing a few turnovers for the win.
Pick: Bears

Dolphins @ Jets (-7.5)
What a crappy game. Neither team has a working offense and both defenses are overrated. Where's Joe Namath when we need him to try and kiss Suzy Kolber again?
Pick: Jets

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