Sunday, October 23, 2011

NFL Week 7 Picks

 * Point spread based on home team, for entertainment purposes only

1 PM Games
Chargers @ Jets (-1.5)
The Jets run defense is 28th in the league. 28th! That's horrible for a team that prides itself on stopping the run. This should be a classic Norv Turner game (run the ball, play action deep) as long as he doesn't find a way to lose (which is also classic Norv Turner).
Pick: Chargers

Seahawks @ Browns (-3.0)
Two teams that can't run the ball come to Cleveland and will have to throw in cold weather with gusting wind. Should be a good day for fantasy defenses. Quick fact: There is no such thing as a Seahawk. It's a fictional name and goes into the realm of other mythological birds like the Phoenix and Big Bird.
Pick: Browns

Falcons @ Lions (-4.0)
Lions don't have much available in the run game, but the Falcons are depleted. Julio Jones is out for today (something that doesn't surprise me if you read any of my draft coverage on him) and John Abraham is limited. Oh, and don't forget that the Lions are still a little pissed after the Harbaugh/Swartz war of words from last week.
Pick: Lions

Redskins @ Panthers (-2.5)
The Redskins tend to struggle against struggling teams. Matter of fact, recently the Redskins tend to provide the "elixir of life" to teams that reeling. This will be a tough game for Washington and I'm not sure that John Beck will help a Redskins team that really looked bad last week (well, until John Beck came into the game). Edit: Going with the Skins at last second. Can't pick against them, I'm such a homer.
Pick: Panthers Skins

Bears @ Buccaneers (+1.0)
And we have our first Neutral Site game of the year. This game is being played in London. Almost every game over there seems to take place when its raining. Tough call on this game. I'm going with the Bears though for some reason.
Pick: Bears

Broncos @ Dolphins (-3.0)
It's Tim Tebow day down in Miami as the Dolphins celebrate Florida's national championship from a few years ago. Broncos win this one. I'm fully convinced that this team has given up on Tony Sparano.
Pick: Broncos

Texans @ Titans (-3.0)
Hard to believe that the AFCS is coming down to these two teams. Welcome to a world without Peyton Manning.
Pick: Titans

4 PM Games
Steelers @ Cardinals (+4.0)
A poor version  of a Super Bowl matchup form a few years ago. I miss Kurt Warner too Arizona.
Pick: Steelers

Chiefs @ Raiders (-3.5)
The Raiders are incredibly banged up. Carson Palmer is not in football shape an hasn't had time to read the playbook. This would be the type of game the Chiefs would steal, despite being pretty bad. I'm 24th in my pick'em league, so what the hell.
Pick: Chiefs

Packers @ Vikings (+8.0)
Ponder starts at QB for the 1st time. Viking fans miss Brett Favre, not as a Viking but as a Packer. He struggled at the Metrodome when he was with Green Bay (and his last year as the Vikings QB).
Pick: Packers

Rams @ Cowboys (-12.0)
No Sam Bradford? Well that just takes any hope and turns it to no hope that the Rams win this one.
Pick: Cowboys

Colts @ Saints (-14.0)
I'm not even watching this game.
Pick: Saints

Ravens @ Jaguars (+7.5)
What is this, crappy prime time game week?
Pick: Ravens

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