Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What is Andrew Luck Worth to the Redskins?

(More than likely Luck will go #1 in the 2012 draft, but who will be No. 1?)
The bigger question is maybe what a team that falls to #1 wants for a player like Luck and if its in the Redskins interest to even make a play for such a high valued commodity. Barring an amazing turnaround by Rex Grossman or an All-Pro performance by John Beck, it's clear that the Redskins will need to look towards the future and draft a quarterback in the 2012 draft.

As of this writing (according to The Huddle Report) the Redskins would be drafting #16 overall if the season ended today. That means in order to get Andrew Luck, the Redskins would have to move down 15 spots. That would seem to probably require at least two first round picks (possibly a third) and 1-2 2nd round picks. Steep price for a team that has changed it ways and is now valuing draft picks and trying to build the team through the draft.

The good news is that this could be a very talented quarterback class. Could is the word since many of the top prospects are either juniors or redshirt juniors which mean they are eligible to play in the college ranks for at least one more year. Even Luck could opt out of the NFL as he is a redshirt junior and has one more year of eligibility.

At this point there looks like there could be as many as 5 first round caliber prospects with another 3-4 2nd and 3rd round prospects. If you follow college football keep an eye on Landry Jones*, Matt Barkley*, Ryan Tannehill, Robert Griffin*, Nick Foles, Kirk Cousins and Ryan Lindley. If not, keep following IIWII. As we get closer to the draft I will do profiles on some of these players and will compare and contrast how they would fit the Shanahan scheme. As with every year, IIWII will be covering The Combine, Senior Bowl, East/West Shrine game, Texas vs. The Nation and various bowl games looking a prospects and who may be a good fit for the 'Skins.

* Still have college eligibility.


Anonymous said...

Does not matter the price. Skins need this guy (Luck).

Anonymous said...

The skins need luck. Beck and Grossman and two decent players but getting Luck is a must!

skinsfan said...

If moving up to get Luck is to expensive I would consider trading down like last year collect a few more picks then RGIII or barkley should still be there after the Fins pick. No luck then keep rebuilding

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