Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday Night Videos: FedEx is a Factory of Sadness

Just replace the below video with FedEx Field in the background and I could have a similar rant about our Redskins........yes, FedEx Field is also a "Factory of Sadness".  To quote Mr. Polk "10 miserable games including two pre-season games that I have to pay for and one sh***y Kenny Chesney concert."

And much like Mike in the video, I'll be back next Sunday to repeat the process all over again.

Speaking of Mike Polk Jr., this is the same guy that did the Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Videos. My favorite is this one (embed disabled on You Tube), but this one made me laugh a few times as well.

Meanwhile in Former Redskin News......
Hey, hey, hey guess who got cut this week? That's right Albert Haynesworth. Looks like Bill Belichick may be a great head coach but even he isn't a "Sloth Whisperer". Getting cut from the Patriots to many means that Haynesworth is pretty much done in the NFL.Adam Schein of Fox Sports thinks so in the clip below.

Of course, he was picked up off waivers by Tampa Bay. It's still a win for Washington. Haynesworth doesn't get what he wants (he wants to play for the Eagles) and the Skins still get a 5th rounder in 2013.

Finally, Some Music to get you Ready for Sunday....... 
Iron Maiden's The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg If anybody needs to be reincarnated to something better it would be both the Redskin and Brown franchises. Here's to hoping that they can turn it around someday.

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