Tuesday, November 15, 2011

If the Season Ended Today.....The Redskins Would Draft at #6

The only thing I'm looking at right now is where the 'Skins stand in draft order. Thanks to The Huddle Report's weekly draft order (changes at the end of each week), if the season ended today, the Skins would be drafting at #6.

Right now there are 3 highly targeted franchise QBs and if the 'Skins pick at six, it's likely they could get one of them. Draft order is based on record with tie-breakers determined by the opponents strength of schedule (actually the lower the opponents %, the higher the draft pick).

So through 10 weeks, here are your 11 worst teams:
(Ed. Note- chart made by Huddle Report)

What's Worth Noting:

- The Colts look like the clear winners in "Suck for Luck". They had opportunities against the Jaguars but could do nothing. I just think it is possible that they could go winless this year. Going winless is practically as hard as going undefeated in the NFL unless your team resides in Detroit.

- The Panthers and Dolphins could be on the rise (especially Miami with back to back wins) and if either team wins one more game, the Redskins would jump past them.

- With wins by Arizona, Jacksonville and Seattle, the Redskins were able to rise (or drop whatever way you look at it) from 9th to 6th place with their loss to Miami.

- The Redskins OPP% will increase as the season continues when they have to play teams like the Jets, Patriots, Giants and Cowboys. But they still have weaker teams like Minnesota (5), Philadelphia (9) and Seattle (11) to play.

Sorry to go all draftnik on you IIWII readers as we head into week 11, but right now I'm more interested in what the Redskins are going to be doing in a few months than what they are doing right now.

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