Sunday, November 27, 2011

NFL Week 12 Picks

2-1 for the week as I picked both Dallas (makes me ill) and Baltimore in the later Turkey day games. Let's see how the rest of the week works out.
* Suck for Luck game
** For entertainment purposes only.

1PM Games
Vikings @Falcons (-8.5)
Word is that Adrian Peterson is out today. The Vikings have no chance to win if that's the case.
Pick: Falcons

Texans @ Jaguars (+3.0)*
Let the Matt Leinart era in Houston begin as the Texans face a really bad Jaguars team. This could be a classic trap game with a new QB for the Texans, but their D is still good enough to to hold the Jags. to nothing.
Pick: Texans

Buccaneers @ Titans (-3.5)
The Titans are still having trouble running the ball and rookie Jake Locker is bound to have some growing pains in his first start. I wonder if Albert Haynesworth actually does something since he's coming home.
Pick: Buccaneers

Cardinals @ Rams (-3.0)*
What a horrible game to watch. Well, I suppose somebody has to win. I'm going with the Cardinals because of Larry Fitzgerald more or less.
Pick Cardinals

Browns @ Bengals (-7.0)*
At least one Ohio team is playing well. What surprises me is that the game is held in Cincy and not the Factory of Sadness stadium and yet the game still didn't sell out. Thus, there's a blackout for this game. Crazy.
Pick: Bengals

Bills @ Jets (-8.0)
We know what time of year it is when the Jets look like they are starting their run to make the playoffs and the Bills have started to free fall down the AFCE. A few weeks ago I would have picked the Bills. Not today.
Pick: Jets

Panthers @ Colts (+4.0)*
Maybe the Colts turn it around this week and beat a young Panthers team. BWHAHAHA!!! That was a great joke huh?
Pick: Panthers

4PM Games
Redskins @ Seahawks (-4.5)*
The Redskins have some opportunities here and I like a few of the matchups for the Burgundy and Gold. What I don't know is how Rex Grossman will play today or who will make the big mistake to cost the team a chance to win.
Pick: Seahawks 16-10

Bears @ Raiders (+1.0)
A lot of pundits are thinking the Bears will be ok with Caleb Hanie starting for the injured Jay Cutler. That's because Hanie played well during the playoff game last year to the Packers. Problem is that there is a big difference coming off the bench compared to starting and also being on the road. Look for the Raiders to bring the heat today.
Pick: Raiders

Patriots @ Eagles (+4.0)
Eagles tend to play better on the home than away and I just can't see the Patriots losing another game to the weaker NFCE.
Pick: Patriots

Broncos @ Chargers (-7.0)
No, it's not TEBOWMANIA! that has me taking Denver today, but the Denver defense. Phillip Rivers has been a turnover machine this year and with Miller, Dumerville, Bailey, Dawkins and the rest I expect Rivers to be hit often and to turn the ball over frequently. And yes, Tim Tebow seems to be the guy in the clutch.
Pick: Broncos

Steelers @ Chiefs (+10.0)
May be the crappiest SNF game of the season. Think I'll probably skip it and watch The Walking Dead mid-season finale.
Pick: Steelers

Giants @ Saints (-6.5)
Can Drew Brees get the ball off before the Giants D gets to him. Yes, I think he can.
Pick: Saints

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