Sunday, November 6, 2011

NFL Week 9 Picks

Ok, gotta make this quick running for time, but this week we'll highlight crappier games as a "Suck for Luck" tie in. The comic industry does this all the time during major events, to try to sell a title that isn't doing well.
* A "Suck for Luck" game
** For Entertainment purposes only

1PM Games
*Dolphins @ Chiefs (-5.5)
Chiefs have woken up. The Dolphins are playing in "Suck for Luck"
Pick: Chiefs

Buccaneers @ Saints (-7.5)
After getting caught in the trap of the Rams game last week, there is no way the Saints are going to allow themselves to lose to Tampa again.
Pick: Buccaneers

Falcons @ Colts* (+7.0)
The question is more or less what should the Colts do with their high pick whether Luck is there is not.
Pick: Falcons

Browns @ Texans (-10.5)
I don't really qualify the Browns as a "Suck for Luck" team. They're just mediocre.
Pick: Texans

Jets @ Bills (-1.5)
The Bills are a more high powered team, that makes turnovers and puts up points. I think they probably should win here, but the Jets are starting to look like the team that's been in the AFCC for the past two games.
Pick: Jets

49ers @ Redskins* (+3.5)
The 49ers a looking great. The Redskins are not. Hey it's a rebuilding year.
Pick: 49ers: 34-7

Seahawks* @ Cowboys (-12.5)
'Boys bounce back from last week's loss to Philly. Oh how, I wish they could pull off an upset.
Pick: Cowboys

4PM Games
Bengals @ Titans (-3.0)
I just like the Bengals in this game. Still haven't seen much of a run game from the Titans at all this season.
Pick: Bengals

Broncos* @ Raiders (-8.0)
Could this be the end of Tim Tebow?
Pick: Raiders

Giants @ Patriots (-8.0)
You know Brady and Belichick want this game more than most of the games this season. Expect the Patriots to run up the score.
Pick: Patriots

Rams* @ Cardinals* (-4.5)
The Rams are a better team than what we thought based on last week's game against the Saints. Can they do it again? I think they could.
Pick: Rams

Packers @ Chargers (-5.5)
The Chargers are starting to look like a classic Norv Turner team. That's not a good thing, trust me I know.
Pick: Packers

Game of the Week
Ravens @ Steelers (-3.0)
With exception to week 1, the Ravens really struggle against the Steelers when Roethlisberger is starting. Until they can do it with regularity, I'm going Pittsburgh.
Pick: Pittsburgh

Bears @ Eagles (-6.5)
I'm not convinced that the Eagles are a good as they appear. I'm still convinced that "The Dream Team" is still over hyped.
Pick: Bears

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