Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Game Recap: Jets @ Redskins- Why Kyle Why?

(Even John Beck thinks we should run the ball. Photo via The Examiner)
 Prior to this game I really didn't have anything bad to say about Jet fans. Matter of fact me and my regular posse of tailgaters (there's usually four of us) did a joint tailgate with a group of Jet fans. Good times, beer, brats, chili and other food and drink items were had by all. By the end of the game, I have a near hatred of the Jets and their fan base (but not the guys we tailgated with). So much so that I'm hoping New England beats the ever loving hell out of them from now on.....and I can't stand the Patriots. Let's just say I had a bad day at FedEx when it came to the game and the opposing team's fan base. We'll leave it at that.

The Redskins didn't have a very good day either and while this team lacks playmakers and depth, it was one of their stronger elements, the coaching, that failed the team on Sunday. My rant here is focused at Kyle Shanahan mostly but it goes to Mike Shanahan as well. Here's the thing, by now we all have a good understanding about Rex Grossman. We know who he is and what he does. We know that he can succeed and make good plays on occasion and he also makes some of the most illogical decisions that I've ever seen a starting quarterback in the NFL make. Grossman can move the ball and score TDs but he's a turnover machine who tends to turn it over usually about two times a game (either by fumble or INT). If he's having a good game, Grossman will complete over 60%, throw 2 TDs and probably turnover the ball once or twice.

Why do you think I haven't said much about starting Beck over Grossman for three games after he regressed? Because I know, much like you, what you're getting if you stick with Grossman. So you give Beck his last chance to prove he could do it in the NFL. Beck failed miserably. So you had to go back to the guy who could at least move the ball vertically down the field. You know all of this, so why would you have Grossman throw the ball 46 times in a game where you could actually run the ball? Not only that, but he was facing one of the better corner tandems in the NFL. Jabar Gaffney went to Revis island and became a castaway (zero catches).

At one point (1st half) Roy Helu was averaging 6.3 yards per carry. Yet, the Redskins decided to throw for play after play late in the first. If you were worried about Helu being worn out or tired then why didn't Torain or Royster carry the ball? Hell, give it to Mike Sellers for all I care. The pass wasn't working. The Redskin WRs just aren't elite enough to get open and the Jets weren't biting on play action. Matter of fact the Jets were chomping at the bit for more pass plays so they wouldn't look stupid diving at and missing Helu as he ran by them.

Other beat writers and pundits have said this and I agree with them- Kyle Shanahan on occasion calls plays for a team that he wants the Redskins to be not the team the Redskins are now. Rex Grossman isn't Matt Schaub and there is nobody on this team in 2011 that is close to Andre Johnson. All the Redskins had in this game was Roy Helu and Fred Davis. Instead of working the run with Helu, Torain and Royster, the Redskins threw the ball. They didn't need to do this. The Redskins weren't behind until about 5 minutes remaining in the game. So why throw so much?

Something to think about.

Now let's get to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Good

Roy Helu (23 carries, 100yds. 1 TD 1 Fumble; 4 catches, 42 yards)- How good is this kid? He's pretty good. But he can still get better. He needs to improve upon his pass protection, that's for sure. Overall Helu looked great avoiding tackles and breaking loose into the open field.

Fred Davis (6 catches, 99 yards)- Had a great game but his last for the 2011 season because he was too careless or stupid to fail multiple drug tests this year. This could be his last game in DC as a Redskin.

London Fletcher/Perry Riley- all over the field making tackles and recovering fumbles. London Fletcher needs to be re-signed and end his career with the Redskins. There I said it.

The Bad

Rex Grossman- Not even going to list his stats. They're bad. They should have been worse. Grossman threw what should have been at least two additional INTs (maybe more). One was called back on a penalty. Another went through a few Jet player's hands. I'm missing game managers like Jason Campbell and Mark Brunell at this point.

Danny Smith/Graham Gano- Can the kicking team have one game where they can execute at every level? Finally Gano has a good day kicking XP and FGs (1/1XP, 4/4FG) but then comes a low hanging shank of a kickoff that is run to midfield killing any momentum the Redskins. Gano kicked the turf before he hit the ball resulting in an easy return. What I don't get is why Danny Smith is calling for a short kick. You have a kicker with a strong leg and one of the better kickoff coverage teams in the league, why call this play? Also, kickoff and punt returns are still atrocious except for one reverse to Anthony Armstrong.

Secondary play- after having a good week against Seattle, both D. Hall and Josh Wilson returned to sub par form. It would be fair to argue that Sanchez wasn't getting any pressure and had all day to pick the secondary apart but I didn't think they had a good game.

Kyle Shanahan's playcalling- see above rant.

The Ugly

- Redskins are 2-4 at home with 2 games remaining on the schedule. At this point it looks like the best home record this season will be 3-5. I don't see the 'Skins having any chance against New England. They have a shot against Minnestota, but if Peterson is back I would give the edge to the Vikings.

- The Redskins look to go 0-4 against the AFC this year. Sad.

- Roy Helu is becoming infamous. Expect teams to start game planning for him both as a runner and a pass catching threat. Helu is the first Redskins rookie to run for consecutive 100+ yard games since Reggie Brooks.

- Helu and Davis receiving: 10 catches, 141 yards. The rest: 8 catches, 80 yards. Sad.

-  3rd down conversions: Skins 31% to Jets 30%. More or less a push.

- Jets dominated in turnovers (3 to 1), Time of Possession (32:12 to 27:48) and Red Zone scoring (100% to 33%). It's critical stats. like this that show who wins and who loses. Clearly, the Jets should have won the game despite it being close late in the 4th.

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