Tuesday, December 13, 2011

If the Season Ended Today.....The Redskins Would Draft at #4

Week 14 is done and the Redskins move up slightly and pass Jacksonville to be #4 in draft order. "Suck for Luck" also officially ended this week for the Redskins as the Colts lost another game, this time to the Ravens. The Colts are now 0-13 for the season. There is a chance that Minnesota or St. Louis could overtake the Colts for the #1 overall spot if the Colts win the final three games and either the Rams or the Vikings lose out.

I doubt that this will happen.

Here is the current top 10 in draft order (from Walter Football)

  1. Indianapolis (0-13)
  2. Minnesota (2-11)
  3. St. Louis (2-11)
  4. Washington (4-9)
  5. Jacksonville (4-9)
  6. Carolina (4-9)
  7. Miami (4-9)
  8. Cleveland (4-9)
  9. Tampa Bay (4-9)
  10. Philadelphia (5-8)
- Worth noting is that the Brown have a bit of power in this situation. They have both their pick (#8) and Atlanta's 1st round pick (#21- 2010 Julio Jones trade). If they really thought they needed a QB (which is possible) or another top prospect they could trade both 1st rounders and move up to #3 overall. At this point the Browns have many problems and I think they would be better off getting 2 good 1st round players, but you never know with the Browns.

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