Sunday, December 18, 2011

NFL Week 15 Picks

2-0 already this week and I'm hoping for a chance to sweep this week. Not impossible but very hard to do.

1PM Games
Dolphins @ Bills (-1.0)
The Dolphins are starting J.P. Losman in place of the injured Matt Moore. Losman struggled in Buffalo as a Bill, now he'll struggle there as a Dolphin. Former Redskin Todd Bowles takes over as the Dolphins new HC.
Pick: Bills

Seahawks @ Bears (-3.5)
I know the Bears are at home and are favored but I don't like them here. Too many injuries and the Seahawks have looked like a real NFL team since they lost to the Redskins.
Pick: Seahawks

Panthers @ Texans (-6.5)
Close game but I'm still taking the Texans here. Best D in the league and a hard to stop run game gives them the edge.
Pick: Texans

Bengals @ Rams ( +6.5)
Man are the Rams bad. Take the Bengals here.
Pick: Bengals

Titans @ Colts (+6.5)
Might be a closer game than you think early on, but I think the Titans pull away. They have something to win for, the Colts have something worth losing (Luck).
Pick: Titans

Packers @ Chiefs (+14.0)
New head coach, Chiefs have looked like they've given up weeks ago. Get ready to see discount double checks early and often in this game.
Pick: Packers

Saints @ Vikings (+7.0)
Adrian Peterson is back so that might give the Vikings a chance, but I kind of think Drew Brees will air the ball out all day.
Pick: Saints

Redskins @ Giants (-7.0)
The 'Skins are horrible in NY. Frankly, I may watch the Red Zone channel after the 1st quarter.
Pick: Giants 24-10.

4PM Games
Lions @ Raiders (+1.0)
Two teams that like to break the rules and get in trouble. I'm going with the original bad guys in the Black hole.
Pick: Raiders

Browns @ Cardinals (-6.5)
This could be the battle of the back up QBs and I like John Skelton almost better than Kevin Kolb.
Pick: Cardinals

Jets @ Eagles (-3.0)
The battle of two annoying green fan bases. I'll go with the team that plays better in December and has a better defense.
Pick: Jets

Patriots @ Broncos (+6.0)
Can the Tebow inspired Broncos beat the high scoring poor defense that is the Patriots? Maybe. I think this is closer than some think, but the Tebows finally can't pull of the miracle.
Pick: Patriots

Ravens @ Chargers (+2.0)
Part of me really thinks this will be the end of Norv. I hope so if only for the sake of Chargers fans who would like to see another Super Bowl in the next decade. But this is the type of game Norv tends to win. Picking the Ravens here, but I don't like the pick.
Pick: Ravens

Steelers @ 49ers (-2.0)
Did you get a chance to see the new Dark Knight Rises trailer? Hines Ward scoring a TD for the Gotham Rogues-- meanwhile the field is caving in behind Ward thanks to a new weapon by Batman villain Bane. Anyway, the Steelers are on the road, banged up and facing a good 49ers team. I like the 'niners especially if Big Ben is out.
Pick: 49ers

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