Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year- Looking Back at 2011 and Looking Forward to 2012

So, 2012 is here and it's time to look back a bit before we move forward. 2011 has been a bad year in my opinion for a few things: football, the Redskins and blogs. It was a bad year for many of us Redskin bloggers because of the lack of an off-season and difficulty getting back into the shortened season. A few friends of IIWII closed up shop and we were sad to see them go. Others took longer than expected hiatuses and it just cut back the opinions and views of knowledgeable fans. We also saw the demise (well, not fully but the site took a major paradigm shift) of TBD was an interesting idea that more or less made news through social media including blogs (like this one). After so departures and layoffs, the site still exists but isn't what it was. That is sad.

The Redskins also had another horrible season in 2011. After having a great draft and picking up young talent in free agency like Barry Cofield and Stephen Bowen, the Redskins started the season 3-1. But injuries, poor playcalling and reality at the QB position set in. The Redskins are currently 5-10 with a game against the Eagles tomorrow. They are 2-6 for the second straight year at FedEx under Mike Shanahan. One only hopes that the 'Skins can have another good draft, find more young offensive talent in free agency and hopefully find the quarterback of the future and present. Despite the record, I actually think the Redskins as a roster have been/will be in the best shape since the 2007 season.....or better. Here's to better days days to come with the Redskins. Hail to the Redskins!

As for IIWII, I had an off year to say the least. With problems with the lockout and a few issues dealing with me outside of IIWII, it was just difficult to get as many articles up as I hoped. IIWII set an all time low in posts (161) when my goal  was to write about 200 at minimum. There were some good things that happened to the site though. First, the background and template was changed from the classic black to a more Redskin themed Burgundy and Gold. Second, was the addition of our Flickr feed which gives the readers the opportunity to see more of the photos taken for IIWII. I still have some more plans coming and I hope that the readers will like them. Some will include some more draft coverage and maybe some non-football related stuff as well.

2012 should have a lot of good things for us to look forward. For the Redskins, we have all-star bowl games to watch, the combine, free agency and the draft. During all of this we'll have visions of Robert Griffin and Andrew Luck in Burgundy and Gold. The Nationals may have one of the best bullpens in baseball and I can't wait to see what they have in store for this season. The Capitals look like they may still be a playoff contender despite a coaching change. And the Wizards, well they're wearing the Bullets at least that's a step in the right direction.

It also should be a good year for movies and TV. The Walking Dead will be back in February. Dr. Who will start another season in late 2012. The Avengers and James Bond return to the big screen. Most importantly, Christopher Nolan will complete his Batman opus with The Dark Knight Rises.

As for IIWII, I'm hoping to bring a lot of reader favorites back like the annual Redskin player awards, Meaningless Mock Drafts and the IIWII Consensus Draft Pick. Hopefully, I'll get down to FedEx to cover this year's draft day party (if they have it) and possibly run down to Ashburn to cover at least a day of training camp (all of this depends mostly on work schedule). Thanks again for reading and keep reading. IIWII will continue to provide coverage and analysis of the Redskins, football, the draft and anything else I (or any contributors) feel like writing.

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions or are interested in guest blogging or contributing to the site feel free to contact IIWII via email at or through Twitter @IIWIISkinsBlog.

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