Saturday, January 14, 2012

NFL Divisonal Playoff Picks

(During the Green Bay games his face gets so red he looks like Darth Maul)
Saturday Games

Saints @ 49ers (+3.5) 4:30 PM EST, FOX
High powered offense vs. a high powered defense. This could be the game of the week even though it feels like it will be the least entertaining. I'm going with the Saints in this game because I just think that if the Saints can put some points on the board it will be hard for the 49ers to keep up.
Pick: Saints

Broncos @ Patriots (-13.5) 8:00 PM EST, CBS
They've already faced each other once this season and the Patriots destroyed Tebow and the Broncos. I think this game will be closer but the problem with the Broncos is the same problem that most teams have with the Patriots- you can't out score them. The key for the Broncos will be containing the Patriots TEs. Bailey and Goodman have done an excellent job in coverage. The key will be if Von Miller and company can stop Hernandez and Gronkowski. The problem is that nobody has done a good job of doing this at all this season. Denver's offense will have to play a perfect game and I can't see that happening. I'm on the Tebow bandwagon but I think the Patriots will win.
Pick: Patriots

Sunday Games

Texans @ Ravens (-7.5) 1:00 PM EST, CBS
The Texans succeed by running the ball. The Ravens D has always been known for stopping the run. This could be a very interesting game if not for the game itself but with what the Ravens can do in the post season. We already know that the Ravens have a good defense. I don't think it's as good a previous years though. What will be telling is what the Ravens can do on the offensive side of the ball. Can they move the ball? Can Joe Flacco light up the scoreboard against good defenses? The Ravens one fault has been some ineptitude on offense. If they can live up to the potential on paper, it's possible for the Ravens to keep up with the Patriots, Saints and Packers of the league. If that's the case, there is a good chance the Lombardi will be headed to Baltimore again (something that I'm not looking forward to seeing as a Redskins fan- dealing with some Raven fans is a royal pain in the ass on the Eastern Shore).
Pick: Ravens

Giants @ Packers (-8.0) 4:15 PM EST, FOX
It figures that the Giants have started to turn it on as they head toward the playoffs. Remember (I'll remind Giant fans as much as possible) this is the team that was swept by the Redskins this year. The Giants looked pretty pathetic in both games in 2011. Yet, here we are now. The Giants are the underdogs heading to Green Bay to face the champion Packers. Thing is the Giants have shown that they can hang with the Packers. This will be a game that will ask the question who is better the Giants front four or Aaron Rogers? I think it's still Rogers.
Pick: Packers

Last week a sad 2-2. Who knew that the Falcons would stink it up so bad? I seriously doubt that most fans thought the Broncos would beat the Steelers.

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