Sunday, January 22, 2012

NFL Picks Championship Week

Going to do this quick because I'm honestly not hyped up about either of these games. I really don't want to see a Ravens/49ers Super bowl. The hype for the next two weeks would be as annoying as hell. Possibly even more annoying than a Peyton vs. Eli Manning Superbowl matchup.

Ravens @ Patriots
Pick: Ravens

Something tells me that the Ravens D gives Tom Brady fits today. If that's the case expect Baltimore to head to their second Superbowl.

Giants @ 49ers
Pick: Giants
The Giants are as streaky as streaky teams get. Remember, the 5-11 Redskins beat them twice this year. That said, the Giants are hot now and when they are playing well they are hard to stop.

Yep, I picked the underdogs in both games. Go figure. I will say that I've been lousy in calling games for playoffs this post-season, so expect a Patriots/49ers Super Bowl.

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