Sunday, January 1, 2012

NFL Week 17 Picks

With the regular season coming to an end, I only have a few games left to try and win my pick'em league with BGO. Doesn't look like that's happening this year. That said, in pick'em I've had a decent year. Through 16 weeks I've gone 156-84 (.650). Not too bad I suppose. Anyway enjoy the last week of 16 games......

This week the comments will talk about draft status (something 'Skins fans care about) more or less.

1PM Games
Redskins @ Eagles (-9.0)
Typically, I'd pick the Redskins here. The 'Skins play extremely well against the Eagles in Philadelphia. The Eagles are trying to get to .500 with a win. It seems that the Redskins are already starting to look at free agency and the draft, so I don't expect much in this game.
Pick: Eagles

Steelers @ Browns (-7.0)
The Steelers need this game to have a chance to catch Baltimore. The Browns lose and they keep their high draft pick. I don't expect an upset here.
Pick: Steelers

Ravens @ Bengals (+2.5)
This is a game that Marvin Lewis usually finds ways to win. The Ravens have also had problems locking up anything this entire year, especially against lesser opponents. I'm expecting the upset today.
Pick: Bengals

Jets @ Dolphins (-1.0)
The Jets are still alive but need a ton of help in order to make the playoffs. I bet Todd Bowles and the Dolphins would love to spoil that. A Dolphins loss could help their draft status, but I think it's a fair bet that most of the players and coaches (who probably won't be back next year) could care about draft status at this point.
Pick: Dolphins

Panthers @ Saints (-8.0)
I just don't see the Saints starting and playing all of their starters for a very long period of time. Expect the Panthers to pull an upset as the Saints head to the playoffs.
Pick: Panthers

Buccaneers @ Falcons (-14.0)
I would love to see the Bucs pull an upset and help the Redskins out with a win. Don't see it happening though. The Bucs have given up on the season weeks ago and Atlanta is trying to lock in the 5 seed.
Pick: Falcons

Lions @ Packers (+1.0)
The Packers aren't happy that the Lions are favored here, but who cares. The smart thing is to rest the starters after a quarter or half and try to beat Detroit with your back ups. Lions need the win here, Packers could care less.
Pick: Lions

49ers @ Rams (+11.0)
Another game where the Rams need a loss to help win "Suck for Luck" and the 49ers could use another win to solidify their standing.
Pick: 49ers

Colts @ Jaguars (-4.0)
This is probably the most imprtant game of the week because a win by either team has ramifications to the Redskins. So what do we want? A Colts win which opens up the #1 spot or a Jaguars win which could put the Redskins into the #6 spot? Tough call. I think the Jaguars win despite the Colts playing better over the past few weeks.
Pick: Jaguars

Bills @ Patriots (-12.0)
With a Patriots win and a Ravens loss, the Pats. get the #1 overall seed. The Bills are currently #11 in the draft order and a loss might help them slightly.
Pick: Patriots

Titans @ Texans (+3.0)
The Texans have nothing to play for as they are locked into the third seed. The Titans are clawing to make the playoffs. Have to think the Titans will pull of the victory today.
Pick: Titans

Bears @ Vikings (+1.0)
Don't like this game, going with Bears here.
Pick: Bears

4PM Games
Chiefs @ Broncos (-3.0)
Tebow time and a strong defense should be enough to send the Chiefs packing.
Pick: Broncos

Chargers @ Raiders (-3.0)
The end is nigh for Norv Turner and company. Expect them to do something stupid to cost them the game. Classic Norv.
Pick: Raiders

Seahawks @ Cardinals (-3.0)
At this point I just think the Seahawks are a better team.
Pick: Seahawks

Cowboys @ Giants (-3.0)
You never know what you're getting from these teams, so I'll just go with the home team.
Pick: Giants

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