Saturday, January 7, 2012

NFL Wild Card Picks

(Can Tebow and the Broncos pull the miracle upset on Pittsburgh Sunday?)

Saturday Games
(Both games on NBC)

4:30 PM- Bengals @ Texans (-3.0)
In week 14 the Texans eeked out a victory over the Bengals in Cincinnati. This week the Bengals head down to Houston to face a still banged up but better Texans team. This is the first ever playoff game (and first ever home playoff game) for the Texans. I would expect it to be loud in Texas this week end.
Pick: Texans
8:00 PM- Lions @ Saints (-10.5)
Another rematch of a game played earlier this year. The Saints are almost invincible at home this year but their defense is still suspect. The Lions are an up and down team that makes key mistakes (usually some type of stupid penalty). I, like many pundits, think that this game will be closer than the point spread indicates. That said, I like the Saints to put up enough points that the Lions can't match.
Pick: Saints

Sunday Games
(AFC game on CBS, NFC game on FOX)

1:00PM- Falcons @ Giants (-3.0)
The Giants have to be the most inconsistent franchise in the NFL. Funny thing is that they have been this way since Jim Fassel was the head coach. They win games they should and lose games they should win. Perfect example with this season. They sweep the 2nd best team in the NFCE, split with the 3rd best team and get swept by lowly Redskins (who only won 3 other games in 2011). I don't have a clue which Giants team will show up this weekend but if the mediocre one shows, Atlanta is good enough to take advantage of the Giants poor play.
Pick: Falcons

4:30PM- Steelers @ Broncos (+8.0)
This will be a tough game for the Broncos. The Steelers may be the 6th seed, but in the past the Steelers have been able to win a Super Bowl being that low in the playoffs. There is a chance the Broncos can pull off the victory, but they will need some help.
Pick: Steelers

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