Sunday, January 8, 2012

Redskins Coaches to Attend and Coach at Senior Bowl

(I watch the Senior Bowl every year, still this is big news)
Yesterday, the Senior Bowl announced it's coaching staffs for the game. Each year, two NFL coaching staffs come down to Mobile and and coach for the game. This year it will be the Minnesota Vikings coaching the North team and the Washington Redskins coaching the South team.

Did I already tell you this is BIG NEWS?

Let me say this again: THIS IS BIG, HUGE NEWS!!!!!!!

For those not familiar with the Senior Bowl, the  annual game is an invitation only All-Star game for college seniors. More or less you see some of the top prospects in football play in this game. There are a ton of current top tier NFL talent that has played in the Senior Bowl. Matter of fact the Redskins took 6 of their draft picks from players in the Senior Bowl last year including the first four picks: Ryan Kerrigan, Jarvis Jenkins, Leonard Hankerson and Roy Helu Jr.

 So it makes sense that this year the Redskins are likely to take more players from the Senior Bowl in this draft.

So why is this BIG NEWS? Well, scouting in particular. The Redskins coaches will have a chance to work with half of the participants. First, is that the 'Skins can evaluate these players running their drills and their scheme. It's good to know what a player can do up close, but even better when that player is running those drills in your scheme. Second the coaches will be able to look at the player's character and how they interact with the coaches and their teammates. More or less, you might get an idea whether or not certain players of interest can fit your team and fit the player type you want on the roster. Maybe not as important to some coaches but this seems to be a major mantra down at Redskins Park these days. Third, is that you'll be able to chart all of the players that you don't wind up drafting or signing as undrafted free agents. So if other teams draft these guys, they may have some scouting report info. on these rookies. Also (assuming the 'Skins coaching staff will still be in DC for a few more years), they can have reports on these players to determine if they are worth targeting when they become free agents.

Now to the big reason.......

We need a quarterback right? Well with exception to Andrew Luck and RGIII most of the top QB talent are seniors. There is a good chance that many of these senior QBs will be attending the Senior Bowl (Note: Only Boise State's Kellen Moore and Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill have accepted invitations). So, Mike Shanahan/Kyle Shanahan will get to see up close and (in most cases) work with many of the quarterbacks that they might be considering in this year's draft. I have a feeling that after the Senior Bowl they'll have a good idea whether to focus for a QB at their spot, trade back or go all in and trade up to try and get Luck or RGII.

The Senior Bowl will be played on January 28th at 4PM EST on NFL Network.

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