Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Season Ends Today and the Redskins Will Draft at #6

Well, it's over except for a game between the Cowboys and Giants which I care very little about the outcome. So let's get to what most Redskin fans are most interested- where the Redskins will be drafting in 2012.

So here's the final top (bottom) 10 of the 2011 season and the draft order of the 2012 season:

1. Colts (2-12)
2. Rams (2-12)
3. Vikings (3-13)
4. Browns (4-12)
5. Buccaneers (4-12)
6. Redskins (5-11)
7. Jaguars (5-11)
8. Panthers (6-10)
9. Dolphins (6-10)
10. Bills (6-10)

This is based on estimated opposing team winning percentage with the lower % having the higher pick.

Draft Notes

- So the Colts win the "Suck for Luck" sweepstakes. So now comes the million dollar question: What do they do with it? The Colts could take Luck, that's easy enough but I wonder if they would rather try to make a run with Peyton Manning one more time. What would it cost a team like the Browns or Redskins to claim such a "top tier" prospect? There are also rumors that the Colts may be interested in Robert Griffin III. The analysts and ex-players sure are touting Griffin as the #1 player overall. I wonder if these are true opinions or if they are stirring up some controversy to have something to talk about until the draft gets here.

- Don't feel bad for the Rams for failing to win "Suck for Luck" at this point, they are in a good situation. They have the #2 pick overall and a few options. First we must note that it appears that Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo and GM Billy Devaney may both be fired so expect the Rams to possibly be bringing in a new GM and new head coach. What that means is change is coming. That may even include QB. The Rams have many options. They could stand pat at #2 and draft a player to help the current roster. My guess is that would either be a playmaking WR or possibly a CB. They could take Robert Griffin as their new franchise QB and then trade away Sam Bradford. What I see most likely is that the Rams will offer the second overall pick to the highest bidder. That team could snag Griffin at #2. Either way I expect the Rams getting something good for being number two (yes, pun intended).

- Cleveland is the Wild Card and will be likely the biggest thorn to the Redskins if they want to get Robert Griffin. The Browns pick fourth (two spots above the Redskins). They also have a late 1st round pick that will be determined throughout the playoffs (Atlanta's pick in the trade for Julio Jones). This gives the Browns a lot of leverage if they want to move up. Matter of fact, the Browns could use up the remaining picks given to them from the Falcons, their 1st round pick and possibly another pick and have enough ammo to move into the #1 overall spot if the Colts were interested in a trade for Luck. They seem pretty interested in Robert Griffin though. Coach Pat Shurmur has already stated that he's watched Griffin play and thinks he's really talented. He also said that he would be a fit in a West Coast system. Actually, while watching The Browns face the Steelers, I saw the success that Seneca Wallace was having success in this scheme. Griffin has similar mobility and better arm strength than Wallace so, yes it looks like Shurmur would be right.

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