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Senior Bowl Thoughts Pt.2- Who Stood Out?

(Did Weeden move up draft boards after Saturday? Photo: Michael Johnson US Presswire)
Time to look at some players who stood out this week at the Senior Bowl. Obviously, my slant will be aimed at who looked like good prospects for the Redskins but I'll mention a few others who may have stood out as well.


- Brandon Weeden was the star QB this week in Mobile as he showed good accuracy, timing and understanding of the scheme. Weeden didn't seem to have any problems taking snaps under center and seemed generally comfortable in the pocket. He also has enough mobility to be able to run bootlegs and extend The game itself was a mixed bag (5/9 56yards, 2 INTs) but he had some good moments. The age issue is a big concern. Teams draft a QB high in the draft because they plan to make him the "face" of the franchise for the next 10 years or so. Weeden will be 29 before the 2012 season ends. That means you're likely to get 5 good years out of him. But when he reaches his second contract, do you spend big money to keep a player in his early/mid. 30's or start all over again?  Weeden also has a history with a shoulder injury and we won't know until the combine where he checks out medically. My guess is that Weeden will be a 2nd round pick despite the age and injury.

- Nick Foles and Ryan Lindley both showed flashes of ability, but I think will be long term projects. Foles' footwork is poor and it leads to inaccurate passes. He also has shown in live game with blitzing that he struggles under pressure. Lindley still shows that he lacks accuracy. The game itself didn't help. Lindley was again under 50% in. completions.

- Neither Kirk Cousins or Kellen Moore did much to change my opinion of them. Both probably will make it in the NFL as solid backups. Both remind me a bit of Todd Collins. Booksmart, quick releases and rely on timing to make good passes. Both lack elite arms and just don't feel like starters to me.

- Russell Wilson is an intriguing prospect. He's clearly a leader, has a good arm, is smart and has great mobility. It's that damn height issue. If Wilson was 2-3 inches taller, he'd be a 1st round pick. Instead, he looks like he'll be struggling a bit in the pocket when he takes snaps under center. He's the most comfortable when he's on the move. I'm thinking he's in a similar class as Pat White, but a better passer. Teams that like the wildcat and are willing to have packages for Wilson will love him.

Running Backs

- Not many players stood out this week. The two that did were Isaiah Pead (Senior Bowl MVP) and Doug Martin. Pead made a name for himself as a punt returner. Martin looks like an ideal fit for a ZBS scheme. He's a smaller back but looks like he he can power through some tackles. Might be worth a look in later rounds.

- Also worth noting is RB/WR/PR/KR Chris Rainey. He beat every single DB as a WR in practice with the deep routes and looks like he'll project as a WR at the NFL level. Reminds me of Percy Harvin who is a fellow Florida Gator.

Wide Receivers

- This was a weaker than expected group and I was hoping to see more out of Texas A&M's Jeff Fuller....but didn't. I also thought that Marvin McNutt had potential to shine in this game. He wasn't bad really, just didn't do too much. DeVier Posey also had some drops and gave up on a route that led to an INT.

- I did like Juron Criner, Gerell Robinson and Joe Adams. Adams in particular looks like he'll be a YAC playmaking WR.

Tight Ends

- The only player who really stood out was Alabama's Brad Smelley. He seemed the best overall TE who could both block and catch. Maybe not the next Vernon Davis, but a solid player who can find holes and catch the ball. There were some other guys worth keeping an eye on, but I'll need to look at some game tape and see how they look at The Combine before I say anything else.


-To be honest I want to look at the game again to make some final judgements. There was quite a few guys I was interested in watching before this week. It included Cordy Glenn, Zebrie Sanders, Ben Jones, Mike Adams and Kevin Zeitler.

- After this week, I think it's fair to say that Mike Adams will make some serious money. He played very well at LT shutting down the best DEs/OLBs at the game.

- Kevin Zeitler played well in the game from what I saw. Again, I'd like to watch the game again to see every play focusing on just him.

- Ben Jones and Zebrie Sanders didn't have good weeks. Both seemed to get manhandled at times.

- Still think Cordy Glenn could play either RT or either OG spots.

- Nobody else really stood out and I think most of the tackle prospects would be better suited as Guards.


- Really impressed with DT/NT Alameda Ta'amu. He was just unblockable all week either by his North teammates or the South in the game. Looks like he could be a real good NT in a 3-4 or a scary DT in a 4-3.

- Cortney Upshaw looks like he'll be the next highly talented DE/OLB coming out of Mobile. The key will be to determine if he's a 4-3 DE or a 3-4 OLB. I'm thinking OLB at this point.

- Quinton Coples was one of the most featured DEs in the game and was talked about the most during many of the practices. That said, he lacks an elite burst of the ball. He also was handled by Mike Adams.

- Incomplete. Got to do more homework, tape watching on these guys.

Janoris Jenkins was the best of this year's group. But he was getting beat on double moves. He liked to sit on a route and various WRs from both teams would use their speed to beat him deep. It's fixable and he could be a very good CB if he can stay out of trouble.

- Really liked Dwight "Bill" Bentley. He looks like he'll be a playmaker at the next level,

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