Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Team The Redskins Swept This Year is Heading to the Super Bowl

Remember, the Redskins went 5-11 this year. 5-11. They beat a horrible Rams team, a mediocre Cardinals team and a better than expected Seahawks team.

.....and the Giants.       Twice.

And yet, here we are. Another Giants/Patriots Super Bowl is coming our way in two weeks. As much as the Patriots annoy the hell out of me, I will be rooting for the Pats. There are two simple reasons why:

1. The Giants are a NFCE rival, Enough said even though I dislike the Giants the least of the teams in our division.

2. This is the other reason.
I respect the hell out of Peyton Manning and I think he is arguably the best QB to ever play the game. While Eli is no slouch in the QB department, it just feels wrong to see Eli get more Super Bowl rings than Peyton.

Crazy world we live in where the 'Skins sweep what could be the Super Bowl champs after they beat last year's Super Bowl champs. (Packers) in the 2010 regular season. I guess it pays off in the long run to lose to the Redskins.

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